Could Ben Affleck's next directing gig be Stephen King's 'The Stand'?


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Ben Affleck’s transition from an actor-who-directs to a director-who-acts just took another interesting step today. With Oscar-bait The Town and Gone Baby Gone under his belt — and the period thriller Argo currently underway — Deadline is reporting that Warner Bros. is keen on hiring Affleck to direct its feature film adaptation of Stephen King’s epic tome The Stand

That could honestly mean anything. Heck, I’m keen on having Kauai be the location of my vacation home; doesn’t mean anything in this sentence is going to happen. (When reached by EW, Warner Bros. and Affleck’s rep had no comment.) And it’s not like Affleck’s plate is all that empty — he’s been attached to a film of Harlan Coben’s Tell No One, and the action-thriller Line of Sight. (Also: His wife Jennifer Garner is expecting their third child.) But the fact that Affleck is even under consideration to helm The Stand is a good sign for fans eager to see King’s book make it to theaters. Warner Bros. announced its co-production with CBS Films last January, but mum’s pretty much been the word on any major developments since then.

In the meantime, King’s oeuvre has been very much a hot potato in Hollywood: Universal famously scuttled its wildly ambitious TV-and-movie adaptation of King’s The Dark Tower; MGM hired a screenwriter to adapt a new version of Carrie; Showtime is developing Under the Dome as a possible series with Steven Spielberg exec producing; and Silence of the Lambs filmmaker Jonathan Demme snapped up the rights to King’s impending novel 11/22/63 (an excerpt from which you can read in this week’s issue of EW).

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  • Gupta

    Yup, I’m down. Affleck was da bomb in phatoms!

    • Cygnus

      I’m not high on the thought of a feature length version of The Stand. It’s a good long simmer of a story. Shrinking it to 2 hours will make it feel off. It’s not action packed, and is well told in 3 parts…The Plague, The Gathering, and The Stand.

      • Seriously…

        Yeah, they’ll ruin. The story needs to be told in 3-parts a la LOTR.

      • Jose

        They already announced a while back the film would be a trilogy

      • Jane

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      • Phil Theewop

        I agree. I hope they make it a trilogy or something and separate it into 3 parts.

      • Affleck stinks!!

        I do NOT need another version of The Stand, and I do NOT need a 3rd adaptation of Carrie!! If the Dark Tower was too ambitious, either make it a movie series, or better yet, it would be a perfect TV series!! I am intrigued by Under the Dome as a TV series.

    • Darren J Seeley

      I agree. He was good in the film, I thought- but the script and the novel its based on was written by Dean Koontz.

      • How sad.

        Clearly, obviously, transparently missed the reference.

  • erin

    I don’t understand how a feature film can do The Stand justice, unless it’s going to be in several parts.

    • Mel

      I hate ppl like you

      • erin

        well, I hate people like you.

      • Rhiannon

        Wow that is a bit harsh. I have to agree to a point. To make The Stand work it is going to have to be at least an 8 hour movie like the tv series was, so they are going to have to do the movie in parts. I personally think the works of Stephen King like this or The Dark Towers would work best as a series on a premium cable network instead of in the theatres. That way nothing has to be left out.

      • Gwen

        Why couldn’t you just say you disagree with someone? This is only a comment blog, for crying out loud! Express your disagreement, explain why you disagree, and play nice with the other children. Sheesh!!

    • kougie757

      its going to be 2 movies. about 3 hours for each is what i have been hearing

      • tipsy

        You are right. people are so uninfomred but they did say it would be a two-parter back when yates&Kloves were attached. Besides, WB needs another franchise so you bet they`ll split this in at least two movies (except that the book size actually warrants splitting).

        That said, Viggo Mortensen for Randall Flagg. Too bad most people know him as a reluctant hero in LOTR, he`s much more effective as a shady or plain evil guy (he played the Devil, nuff said).

      • Monty

        I’m sure Vigo will do well, but remember, Elizabeth Hurley played the devil too.

      • @tipsy

        I’m holding out for Viggo playing Roland in The Dark Tower.

    • KSBEAR

      I don’t understand why we net yet another version of this. There were two television versions that were both very good. I’d like them to film some of his other books that haven’t made it to television or the big screen. Lord knows there’s a lot to choose from!

      • moviejunki

        Care to elaborate on the “two” television versions of this? There is only one I know of…

      • NayNay

        The only good thing in the tv version was Gary Sinise and the guy who played Tom. The casting was all wrong and the acting was horrible.

  • Nancy

    I agree – it can’t possibly fit well into 1 ‘normal’ length movie.

    Plus, why make it at all?? The miniseries was great (I miss when ABC had all its King miniseries)

    • AB

      The mini series had major casting flaws. Gary Sinise was the only thing they got right.

  • Douglas

    I see no reason nor need to remake THE STAND. The mini-series is excellent.

    • Douglas

      And a remake of CARRIE? Why? It’s already been done twice. The first time was a great movie, the second time out, it was a mediocre TV movie. Leave it alone.

      • Dave

        And don’t forget the awful sequel, Carrie 2: The Rage.

    • Jiminy

      Molly Ringwald SUUUUUUUCKED.

  • Daphne

    Can Gary Sinise & Molly Ringwald be in the movie???

    • Julie

      Rob Lowe!

    • jp

      Gary Sinese, yes, but Molly? Hells no. Completely miscast.

      • Trill

        Gary Sinise as Stu Redman again … YES PLEASE!!!

    • charlotte

      Gary Sinise was a perfect Stu. Molly Ringwald, not so much. I could not understand why her whinny character made the men be all over her. If Ben directs, I hope he doesn’t cast himself as Stu. He just wouldn’t be right for the part. Larry Underwood on the other hand . . .

      • Aron

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  • Ellie

    As much as I like Affleck as a director, I have to agree that “The Stand” is difficult to break down into a single film. Even two films is a reach. Think there’s any chance the studio might double down and give it the LOTR-style trilogy treatment? That would be AWESOME.

  • samueladawg

    They can & will make a 2 or 3 hour movie that will suck. They will not care cause everybody will go see it hoping it will not suck & it will. They will make tons of money on something that sucks!

  • Darrin

    Last I read was that the team from the last few Harry Potter movies – Steve Kloves and David Yates – would be writing and directing The Stand, as a 2 or 3 movie project. Does this mean Yates is now not in line to direct?

  • Jay

    Will never work as a movie. The mini-series was just fine, except for a couple of optical effects. M-O-O-N. That spells “bad idea”!

    • jp


  • Amy

    Wow. I haven’t gotten around to reading the book (it’s a thousand freaking pages long!), but I would love to see him try something so ambitious. As someone who liked him before he started directing, I’m really glad to see his career get back on track.

    • Jam

      If you haven’t read the book, how do you know it’s ambitious? Too ambitious for you, apparently.

      • Carlos

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    • NayNay

      Read the book, you will be glad you did.

  • jeff

    Please don’t remake The Stand Ben Affleck. Two years ago I watched The Stand mini-series from the 1990’s and it was GOD AWFUL. A whole lot of build up for nothing. Stephen King is great, but The Stand ugh.
    Keep doing your own thing Ben, its working.

  • Joel

    I have always hoped The Stand would make it to the big screen. The TV miniseries was way too tame for such a horrific but brilliant story. I never really felt the terror of the pandemic watching the TV version. Soldiers moving bodies with pitchforks. Gruesome stuff.

  • Jane

    The Mini-series was great, but it does need to be re-made. Great cast, but I’d like to see a version without Parker Lewis and Max Headroom. M-o-o-n. That spells trilogy.

  • Anakin


  • harry miller

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