Milla Jovovich accuses Summit Entertainment of 'making no effort' to promote 'Three Musketeers'


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The Three Musketeers opens today in North American theaters, and star Milla Jovovich is loudly voicing her displeasure with the film’s marketing campaign. She took to Twitter earlier today to speak out against Summit Entertainment, the film’s US distributor, first in an accusation that drew a comparison between the campaign for Musketeers and the upcoming Twilight fourquel: “Are ‘summit’ promoting it as a family adventure movie? Or are they resting on their laurels from ‘twilight’ n making no effort? Let me know!”

She continued about one hour later: “I think ‘summit’ hve swept ‘3 Musketeers’, a grt family adventure film, under the rug in the US. Shame on them. SHAME ON YOU ‘SUMMIT’.” It’s an undeniably personal battle for Jovovich: The film was directed by her husband, Paul W.S. Anderson.

A representative for Summit had no comment at this time. The film currently holds a bleak 38 score on Metacritic.

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  • Jerry

    I think it’s advertised well. I just don’t want to see it.

    • Kiki

      I agree. I’ve seen the tv promos everywhere. I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve seen Milla Jovovich defy gravity in that medieval dress! If anything, the promos did nothing to get me interested in the movie. It didn’t tell you anything about the story & it didn’t seem offer anything different from previous Musketeer movies.

      • Asha

        Agreed! I see the commercials everywhere! I don’t think they looked very good. Plus how many 3 musketeers movies can you make before people stop wanting to see them? I’m guessing this is the one that breaks into the “I never want to hear about the 3 musketeers again” Era.

      • Steve B

        I have seen them lately, but the first one I saw promoted it far better, AND as the first/only Three Musketeers to be filmed specifically in 3D for that effect. The latest promos seem to be aimed at the silliness and Mila’s boobs. A shame if it is meant to be a good family film. I always enjoy a good Musketeer popcorn movie. I will be going, and expect to enjoy that kind of film. If it gives more, even better!

      • Ash

        It has been advertised plenty, it just looks like a very bad movie that I don’t want to watch

      • steph

        you guys are missing out…it was actually pretty entertaining. My friends and I really enjoyed it. Also..Matthew MacFadyen.

      • LAJackie

        I second that Steph! I’ll see anything Matthew is in!

      • Sarah

        Athos has always been my favourite musketeer. And now he’s played by Mr. Darcy. Set in steampunk France (it’s still France, right?). Why would I not see this movie?

    • Selina

      I dont think it has been advertised at all! Every other promo is for Breaking Dawn so I understand her frustration. Summit has completely dropped the ball and could have gathered more teenage girls to go by showing more of Logan Lehrman who has a decent female fan base.

      • Kiki

        Oh, it has definitely been advertised. What channels have you been watching? I can almost freaking quote some of the promos! If I hear that stupid “it was an off day” quote exchange from one of the musketeers again then I will scream!!

      • jb

        or “Round Two”

      • kate middleton

        I have not seen one commercial for it – had not even heard of it until reading this article. So weird.

        I have seen a TON of Breaking Dawn promos this week though. It seems like they’ve been on every show I’ve watched this week.

      • daisy

        I agree with you Selina. I had not heard of it at all until I went to this past week to buy tickets for another movie and there was a banner for this up top. I , for one, will gladly go see it as I LOVE most of the cast.

    • datruth82

      Highly disagree. The TV ads may have been strong, but everyone knows a strong ad campaign can no longer be limited to just TV. The online presence was absolutely zero.

      I don’t know too many people who actually watch TV according to the scheduled showtimes anymore. Most catch up on things online (along with email, tweets, FB, games, news, etc.)

      So, if they were paying for TV ad space and skipping everything else (viral games, campaigns, contests, cast interviews, etc.), then yeah. That’s a pretty weak marketing campaign.

      • steph

        agree, i never watch commercials bc of DVR. I’ve barely seen this promo’ed and haven’t seen any full length trailers in the theatre.

    • Nicky

      I’ve seen a ton of ads for this movie. Was really getting sick of seeing the guys with the flowing locks. Can turn a really sexy guy into an effeminate mess.

  • Dirk

    I don’t really have much interest in it, aside from Milla, but it does seem like they pretty much buried it.

  • Yay

    agreed! and I live in Europe!

    • Yay

      with the opinion that they advertised it well!

  • katey

    i was thinking the other day how poorly this film has been advertised. i’ve seen more breaking dawn advertisements than any for the three musketeers.

  • Ann

    I kind of agree with her. I’ve been seeing ads over the last week or so, but they seemed to come out of nowhere all of a sudden. No real build for this one.

  • guest

    is this really shocking? summit botched the marketing for 50/50 as well, an excellent and unfortunately under seen movie. when you’re a studio that makes extreme amounts of money on a film series that needs no marketing, your bound to screw up campaigns for films that need serious campaigns

    • Vivian Volkoff

      I must be in the target audience for both 50/50 and 3 Musketeers because I saw way too many commercials for both. I wanted to see 50/50 though and did (it was great!) and don’t want to see 3 Musk. (and wont see it)

  • julia

    really ive been seeing ads for this movie all the time it certainly being advertised in canada thats for sure

  • Dre

    It advertised well I mean tons of tv marketing, commerical after commerical on this film and Twilight doesnt come out until next month. Even though Summit became a big production/studio company because of the Twilight franchise but I could see Milla’s point in a way.

  • john

    they made a pirates movie without johnny!

  • David

    Seen plenty of tv advertising. Ads show her Matrix like. 3 Musketeers is about 3 guys not some super human woman. Have no interest in seeing

    • Kiki

      Exactly! All the promos show is Milla Jovovich. What is the Musketeers movie about? Her character? What will the Musketeers be doing? Supporting her? I like Milla but I need more than her to go pay money for a film. She needs to complain about a bad marketing campaign instead of lack of ads.

      • Kisha

        Even my mom has seen ads. And she was wondering why so much focus on Milla’s character.She said it looks like she has more to do than the Musketeers.

  • Jake Jabbs

    I’ve seen lots of ads. It looked like a trashy remake of a beaten to death story with a bit more cgi to make it fresh. The problem is not the marketing, but that this movie was made in the first place. Now, if it were made for TV, it might have garnered at least a few very ignorant viewers who are too lazy to change channel.

  • TomM

    To john…
    The three musketeers story takes place during the first quarter of the 17th century (1600-1625), well before the golden age of any pirates and has nothing to do with pirates anyway.

    I didn’t see much marketing for this picture at all.
    I think I saw a trailer aired on TV once but that’s it.

    I still wanna see it though no matter how much others hate on it.
    I think Milla has a very valid point.

  • Zoe

    I’ve seen a TON of commercials on TV for this film. Not sure what she’s talking about. I will say, though, that my first impression was: “Is D’Artagnan now a woman?” I didn’t understand the concept at all from the trailer.

    • Eduardo

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  • Mattel Jones

    I’ve seen the Ads on TV, it looks like a Steampunk version of the story, which probably seems odd to old timers and ‘been there done that, but with bigger stars (i.e. the PIRATES films). The best versions remain the Richard Lester ones from the 70s.

  • Ben Varkentine

    I’ve seen the ads so many times I’m already sick of them…and I *like* Milla Jovovich…

    • LOL

      She’s probably right. I haven’t seen anything about this movie. Not one commercial anywhere.

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