'Harry Potter' films disappearing from stores soon after Dec. 29!


Image Credit: Peter Mountain

Harry Potter said his last goodbye this summer, with the release of the franchise’s final chapter, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows — Part 2, and Warner Bros. seems determined to prove they really meant it. As of Dec. 29, no more Harry Potter theatrical film titles (including Harry Potter: The Complete 8-Film Collection) will be shipped to stores, initiating a profitable home entertainment model not unlike the one at Disney, which periodically re-releases its classics for home purchase. (Warner Bros.’ moratorium on Potter will not include digital — Electronic Sell-Through and VOD — or games.)

Since Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone was released in 2001, the Harry Potter franchise has grossed more than $12.1 billion for Warner Bros. Entertainment — $5.1 billion of which came from Warner Bros. Home Entertainment Group and Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment. It’s fair to say that figure will grow even larger this holiday season, as children and young adults who grew up with the books and movies feel the pressure to snap up the Complete 8-Film Collection — at around $60 — while they still can.

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  • Zach

    This is the dumbest idea I have ever heard.

    • Summer

      You’ve never heard of Disney’s vault? This idea has made them a lot!

      • Greg

        Well most people have downloaded all of them by now, so it only makes sense.

      • Acaseofgeo

        What bothers me is that the films I have are NOT the most comprehensive edition available. WHY OH WHY OH WHY do I have to PAY about $30 for a BLU-RAY when ABC Family gets to air “bonus” scenes edited seemlessly into the film? I find this practice horrendous and it really pussess me off!!!

      • Action Jackson

        all of these movies are on youtube anyway

      • Samantha

        whatever to disney harry potter is on whole other level

      • DT

        This gimmick only created millions before YouTube, illegal downloads and DVD-R. Who the hell even cares now except Grandmas.

      • Grandma

        I don’t know how to use those fancy schamcy Napsters thingymabobs.. My toaster hates me. I can barely set the clock on my VCR. What am I going to do now when my grandson comes to visit!??!? Damn you Internet.

      • Grandpa

        Dagnabbit, woman, is you offen yore medikayshun agin?

      • Grandson

        Just remember how much I’ve been helping out when you update your will. And I want real estate, none of this family photos crap.

      • Internet

        Damn me? Damn ME?? Well, damn you, ya old bitty!

      • ree

        I hate that damn Disney vault. It scares me into buying all of their animated movies.

      • Owl

        I poop on all your cars while you sleep.. Bawaahahhahhaha

      • beerich

        oh i love this

      • beerich

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      • Bosco

        Read the story ya moron.

      • AB

        Just get your illegal burned copy like everyone else and you won’t have to worry.

      • John W

        Every single movie that is supposedly in Disney’s “vault” is available on DVD or Bluray at amazon. Go check it.

    • GOOD

      YEAHHHHHHH!!! GOOD! BYE BYE HARRY!! I’m so sick of Harry Potter. Take it off the shelves, GOOD! Harry Potter isn’t some Disney classic. So what, pull it off the shelves.

      The reason why they’re doing this is because THEY AREN’T SELLING!! NO ONE PULLS SOMETHING OFF THE SHELVES IF IT WAS SELLING!

      All of the Potter movies are exactly the same:

      1. Harry gets beat up by his aunt, uncle and cousin
      2. Harry goes to Hogwarts
      3. Harry gets a power that defeats the made up evil for that particular story.
      4. Harry goes home to his aunt etc.. to have it start all over again.

      Harry didn’t return in DH 1 but he left his aunt etc.. He got a power: Apparation. He used it to get away from the Malfoys…

      The Harry Potter stories are so f*cking predicatble I cannot understand why idiots just couldn’t see it. Also he never got into sex. Jennie was around but he never really did anything PUS*Y!

      You all believed the hype. I didn’t. JK have you fooled. She didn’t fool me. I knew she was writing the samd sh*t different day and made billions off of it.


      • chris

        Troll! Troll in the dungeon!

      • Pottyhead

        Don’t be ignorant. Harry didn’t have the power to Apparate from the Malfoys because there were far too many prohibitive measures the Malfoys took on their dungeon (kind of how you can’t Apparate in and out of Hogwarts). THAT IS WHY DOBBY SHOWED UP. And please, if you really knew the movies, then you’d know that the Dursleys were cut out of them for the most part from Goblet on (save for OotP, but that was necessary to show the Dementors). The most important parts with the Durleys were excised by the filmmaking idiots.

      • Darren

        GO AWAY YOU TWILIGHT LOVING IDIOT. Harry obviously had sex with Gknny, he had kids 19 years later.

      • Fred

        Disney has had a lot of classics… I grew up on them… can’t say much for the last decade of films from Disney.—As for HP…. great series of books and movies… as a librarian I saw the interest in reading increase tremendously with these books. — Bet you haven’t read a single one of them… or the Twilight series… or anything else lately.

      • Kevin

        Does this silly little diatribe of your make you feel better about your sad, miserable little life?

      • Jeff

        Who DIDN’T have sex with Ginny? Huh? Am I right? Yeah, this guy knows what I’m talking about.

      • Matilde

        Okay listen up u HP hater!
        Harry Potter is the best book ever written! The way Jane writes is incredible! So don’t you ever write that they aren’t selling anymore dvd’s cause all of us Potter fans out there knows that they never would stop because of that!
        And why the heck are you all talking about Harry and Ginnie having sex?? Ain’t that a little inappropriate?? Just asking??

      • Jake

        Ummm. I appreciate what you were trying to do Matilde but her name isn’t Jane…? It’s Joanne. And anyone who knows anything about Harry Potter calls her Jo… And Harry’s wife/Ron’s sister’s name is *Ginny… Not Ginnie? Anyway. In repsonse to the original comment, obviously, the books are far better than the movies. They are are both best sellers and are critically acclaimed. Don’t act like you know what you’re talking about because we can all tell that you have neither published anything successful nor are you any sort of literary critic. Hate on the movies all you want, but its clear that you have not read the books- which have well developed plot lines, character development, and plot lines that carry over throughout the whole series (many of which do not become clear until the end of book seven- an example of excellent writing and plot development). Lastly, the reason Harry and Ginny never had sex you dumb ass is because although they do appeal to adults, these book are first and foremost FOR CHILDREN. Go read them before you act like you know what you’re talking about. Your ignorance is intolerable.

      • Potterhead

        Stupid Twihards. You obviously have never picked up a HP book and actually read it. You’re so wrong on so many levels. I’m going to laugh if they do this to Twilight. I will laugh in your face. Why do the books need to have sex? That’s just wrong. The series are amazing and don’t need to involve sex. Twilight does, though, so why don’t you run along and read your little Twilight books? Idiot.

      • KC

        Well, youre obviously a Twilight fan.

      • Jillian Toole

        Okay.. hate on Harry Potter all you want you are obviously a Twilight fan. Twilight is a bad written piece of writing. And HP is more than just what you pointed out. So pick up a HP book and do something with your life!

      • stephanie

        you, sir, are an idiot.
        and i second the TROLL COMMMENTTTT

      • Mike in NYC

        What you’ve just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

      • AdamWest’sButtDouble

        Wow. That was an awful lot of effort to expend for something you hate. But what am I saying? That’s the whole point of the internet. BTW, you have a little bit of spittle, there, just at the corner of your mouth.

        BTW, I wasn’t “fooled,” I liked it start to finish, so…nyah, I guess is what I’m saying.

      • Celeste

        This is, by far, one of the funniest comment threads I’ve read in some time. I thought HP fans were clever; obviously, I’d yet to be exposed to their detractors.

        That said, Warner Brothers is not the boss of me. I’m glad I never got into this series/franchise/cult because there are few things I dislike more in business, than veiled “threats” meant to push me into buy things. Maybe I’d put up with it for a $20 glass of water in the desert, but I’m sure as hell not going to be coerced into buying a Harry Potter box set.

        Like cramps after a rich meal, all things pass. Sorry, Harry Potter (and your ephemeral existence), — we were never meant to be.

      • umad

        you guys just got trolled. 10/10 bro

      • Ejay

        Harry Potter dwarfs all things Disney combined. Author J.K. Rowling is now the third richest woman in the world, and owns a castle in Scotland. That is quite a step up for a former welfare Mom. Walt Disney was never the world’s third richest man.

      • AB

        Dude, you can’t even spell GINNIE. Get a life!

      • Cibel

        You’re probably some punk-ass Twipoop. My dear idiot, fans will go on a rampage if Harry Potter vanishes from stores. World crisis. Get your fathead out of that toilet.

      • monnie

        Oh look. It’s a Twilight fan.
        Twilight will never replace Harry Potter, who cemented the childhood of people who are now grown up today.
        Let me guess…you are a 10 year-old LG obsessing over ‘RPattie’ and ‘Taylor Lautnie’.
        Agree with chris though.

      • liam

        technically at the end of the last movie harry and GINNY not Jennie have kids so they must have had sex considering they look like them, the last Harry Potter is the 3rd biggest grossing movie ever and your just jealous because J.K. Rowling thought of an idea so brilliant

      • Michelle

        I know I’m a few months late for this comment, but I just ran across this article today and decided to read the comments. This thread is really hilarious! How the heck did Twilight get dragged into this? lol Just because someone decides to bash the HP movies, this makes them a Twilight fan? Obviously Twilight must be HP’s biggest competition lol. I honestly don’t pay much attention to all the press on these books and movies, hence my comment being almost 2 months after this article. I am both a Harry Potter fan AND a Twilight fan. True, Harry Potter has a lot more going on than Twilight, but they are both great books/movies. One deals with magic, and one with vampires, but they are BOTH in the supernatural category. Harry Potter is meant to target adolescents… where they are too young to think about sex. Twilight is meant to target young adults who, lets face it, are more into romance and sex. But the sex in Twilight only happens after they get married, and that’s not until the 4th book. It’s not like Stephenie Meyer is promoting sex before marriage. It is not full of sex like someone previously mentioned. If the HP books were full of sex, it would just be wrong because of the ages of the characters. Parents would NOT allow their children to read those books if they were. My point is that these books…the Harry Potter series, and the Twilight series…. are meant for 2 TOTALLY DIFFERENT AGE GROUPS. There should be no competition between the two. The fact that adults read both of these proves that J.K. Rowling and Stephenie Meyer are both great authors. I’m 28 years old, and I love both of them lol. I also happen to love almost all of the Disney movies. I obviously must have more of an open mind than most of you who replied to this person’s rant about Harry Potter movies. I refuse to be one of those people who devote themselves to one particular book series over another. THEY ARE BOTH REALLY GOOD BOOKS SO STOP ARGUING!!! If you people put as much devotion into something that REALLY matters, like the fact that there are millions of people starving in our own country, as you put into these 2 particular book series, then maybe you would be able to make an impact on this country. All of your bickering over something that is fiction and WILL NEVER HAPPEN IN REAL LIFE is really pathetic. That’s what’s wrong with this country. We all obsess over movies and books and material things, when we should be obsessing over the fact that our economy is falling apart, and there are millions of people starving, homeless, and jobless.

      • Nick

        First of all, you’re right, Harry Potter isn’t just some Disney Classic – that would be undermining Harry Potter’s value.

        Second of all, you have the plots down – if you’re going by the “to make it simple for people with single digit IQs”. Otherwise, you’re way off. Oh, Harry goes to school every year, it’s soooo predictable…WRONG! That’s called “setting” DERRRRRRP. Words can’t describe how f*cking stupid you are for even saying something like that.

        Oh, you don’t like that the Dursley’s are CONSISTENT? Gee, you f*cking genius, let’s just make characters who make no sense at all! Yes, one day, they’ll love Harry, and another they’ll hate them. Because the sign of good story telling is to make sure nothing makes sense! That’s SURE to keep people from predicting anything in the series! Perhaps the Dursley’s are schizophrenic, or maybe just suffer from MPD, and that’ll explain their erratic attitude towards Harry – because it’d just be AWFUL for them to keep the same attitude like a typical person. Aherpderpderp.

        Skipping some of my sarcasm, Harry doesn’t just “gain new powers” every year. I realize you said it yourself, but I’m very understandable and get that you don’t have the mental prowess to be able to connect the fact that going to school each year (again – a pretty standard thing) means learning new things as well. So does Harry learn new spells and new magic each year? Yup! That’s uh…Sort of the point of going to school! (As if you would know, though. And believe me, it shows!). Needless to say, it ISN’T how he defeats him each year. It’s not just “Oh, I learned a new spell which just happens to be what I need to know to defeat him!”. Nope. What he learned affects how he’s able to defeat him – and since Voldemort’s powers are changing and growing as well, it’s sort of important for Harry to develop as well!

        So I guess when you can sum it up to either “good or bad will win” then yeah, I guess it’s a little predictable. But when you look at it through such a narrow mind, what can you expect? “The book will end. Oh look, it did. Damn, how predictable.”

        Harry also has children. With Ginny. And they’re human. That means sex. (Do you know what sex is? Or do you just hear other kiddies talking about it so you decided to talk about it as well, but think the stork delivers babies? Ask your parents about this stuff sometime, you’ll be surprised at what you learn).

        There’s also a good reason for hype. It’s sometimes caused by good reason. For me, I hadn’t even heard of Harry Potter when the first movie was just coming out, thus not knowing of it’s popularity. I went to the movie somewhat against my will, as I still didn’t have much interest in it. Upon leaving the theater, I had become a fan and set out to read the books. I had no knowledge of the hype and I still liked it. Perhaps you’d understand WHY it was popular and why there was so much DESERVED hype if you actually tried thinking?

  • John

    Boooo! Where is the super deluxe box set I have been waiting for all these years?

    • Greg

      The Super Duper Owl Wicked Box Set? Oh, I own four of them. I’m going to put them on Ebay after December.

      • DawnP

        I’m so borrowing this idea…

      • Griefo

        It’s a great idea. Buy them up now and sell them on eBay for great profit after they’re off the market. I’m gonna do it also.

      • Scalpers

        I will always have them for sale. No you worry.

      • Brandy

        I should have bought up a bunch of the Blu-ray disks when they were offered at like $5 each last Christmas. Profits.

    • Liz Lemon

      It will probably come out next year and cost 300 dollars. I only need the last DVD to complete my collection and also five more of the ultimate editions. Then that’s it…unless WB finally releases directors commentaries.

      • LAJackie

        I just want the last two ultimate editions on dvd. After that I’m fine. I don’t have a blu ray player so I don’t care about that. Gave up on the regular dvd’s when they stopped making the two disc editions.

      • Emil

        that series but I read Water for Elephants by her and it’s rellay good. You shold read it. Carol asks… Where can I find a Gruen 440 Caliber movement? I’m looking for replacement parts for my 1945 Gruen Curvex and was wondering where I could find a reasonably priced replacement

    • jschwartz15

      It’ll be released sometime in 2012. if you were really a big HP fan you would know that :P

  • Mike from Kansas

    Really?? Wow. How much is the 8 movie collection on BluRay? And where’s the cheapest place I can get it??

    • Leslie

      @ Mike: I just checked out the bluray set and all it includes is each movie…that’s it. No extras or extended scenes, etc. Bare bones movies only. Not the super deluxe box I’ve also been waiting for. :(

    • America

      its $98 on amazon.com, which is a good price for 8 blu-rays

      • MSR

        You can pre-order the region-free Blu-Ray boxset of 8 films for roughly 30 pounds, which translates to around $50 after conversion. MUCH better than $98!

      • Scalpers

        I bought them all. Leave none for you stooges. Ha ha ha ha.. All the Potter in the world is in my hands now.

    • Regina

      BUT beware of that 8 movie collection…it is as bare-boned as you can get!!!

  • Jed

    Zach, they’re doing this deliberately so they can rake in huge sales for the holidays and once those are done with, then they figure to hel with it and just put it back into the vaults. Bototm line, they want to make as much money on this between now and the year’s end.

    • Meh

      Except it’s not 1998. Most people under the age of 35 know how to torrent. If i can’t buy it legally, where do you think my next stop would be?

      • Dave

        A damn goodly number of people over 35 know how to do it, too, ageist. Those of who picked up thousands of songs from Napster while you were still in preschool have been doing this internet thing for a while.

      • Mom – over 35!

        Meh has obviously never heard of Gen X, the founders of online pirating! Aaaaaarrrrr!

    • Liz Lemon

      True but they also just announced that they’re releasing Super ultimate editions NEXT year (probably around the holidays) so they can get even more money out of people. And make no mistake they will. When it comes to Potter some people are willing to spend ridiculous amounts of money. I just want to get to the theme park before they expand it and start charging 500 dollars a ticket.

  • Ash

    Seriously? What a cheap way to manipulate people into buying all the movies. I say around july next year warner will go “just kidding!” and put ‘em back on the shelf.

  • sil

    so u only have 1 1/2 months to get pt. 2?! thats such crap!! i cant believe that!!

    • A

      Is 1 1/2 months not enough time to get your lazy rump to Best Buy to pick up a copy?

      • Samantha

        have you considered that some of us would have wanted it on effing sale you hapless prick

      • Channing

        It will be on sale the week of its release as well as most likely part of some big Black Friday/holiday push, which will fall well within the pre-moratorium deadline.

      • Mike

        Yeah nice name calling there Samantha. New Releases are usually on sale the first week as Channing mentioned.

      • DJ


  • Average Consumer

    I don’t care. I have seen them. Next.

    • Average Consumer’s Unborn Children

      Yeah, but what about us?

      • Average Consumer

        By the time you guys are born, you won’t care about them.

  • Adam

    This pisses me off so much.

  • tvaddict

    Well I have the first 7, guess I will just have to pick up part 8 during my Christmas shopping

  • axmbc

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  • Tor

    NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! What if something happens to one of your DVDs??

    • Josh Hamilton

      I hate this “let’s manipulate our fans into buying more stuff” sales model. I hate it that Disney does it with their vault. I hate it that other studios do it with “super special extra extended editions.” I simply hate it.
      Here’s an idea: put out the very best edition possible the first time around, make your products available at a reasonable price, and let me buy stuff when I want to buy it!

      • Laura

        Amazon…Ebay…Amazon…Ebay…random other sites that sell movies… Its not like you cant find them out there. I just got a Disney movie thats been back in the “vault” for a while in brand new factory sealed condition for $20. If you really need to replace one, they’ll be out there

      • Marianne

        You could copy them now. And that way if something happens, you have a spare.

      • Shirley

        Rhe2a… mais non Guigui, t’as dfb rater un chapitre, e0 la fin Harry Potter tue Hermion et e9pouse Agrid apre8s avoir ceongle9 Voldemort et fichu dans le frigo de Yoda pour lui ficher la trouille .. ah ah.. AH AH AH !

    • Meg

      Note: this doesn’t say anything about RedBox or Netflix…

  • wtf

    WTF? I have movies 1-6 in the Ultimate Edition boxes. I was holding out for the last two to complete the set. So I guess I’m just SOL? Then torrent it is until they change their mind.

    • Channing

      The UEs for Deathly Hallows 1 & 2 will probably be released as part of Warners’ late 2012 release.

    • melody

      same here…I am only buying DH1&2 in Ultimate Blu Ray.

    • Melissa in CA

      I have been waiting for an ultimate edition blu-ray box set. Does this mean there won’t be one? What a load of crap!

  • rob

    The studios hate libraries. Our copies get used up scratched, broken, stolen, etc. Then because the studios get cute with marketing we can’t replace the classics for our customers. I hate the studios.

    • Mike

      Well, WB has pretty much released most of the Harry Potter movies with Digital Copies as well. So, you technically have a back-up. Not a 1080p backup, but a backup. :)

  • Jennie

    oh god! I’m totally going to buy this
    damn my complete lack of self control!

    • @jennie

      calm down. no one thinks you’re funny.

      • Liz Lemon

        @@jennie: Go Away. No one cares what you think.

  • harry miller

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