'Harry Potter': Julie Walters (a.k.a. Molly Weasley) on 'Not my daughter, you bitch!' -- EXCLUSIVE CLIP

It is the moment that EW.com readers consistently voted as their favorite on-screen death of last summer’s movie season. It features one of the absolute most famous lines in the entire Harry Potter series, both in J.K. Rowling’s books and Warner Bros.’ big screen adaptations. I am talking, of course, about the final confrontation between Bellatrix Lestrange (Helena Bonham Carter) and Molly Weasley (Julie Walters) in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows — Part 2, in which Mama Weasley defends her only girl Ginny and dispatches the sadistic Bellatrix, all while bellowing, “Not my daughter, you bitch!”

But what did Walters think about the scene? How did her “sons” Ron (Rupert Grint), Fred (James Phelps), and George (Oliver Phelps) react to it, for that matter? Check out this exclusive clip from the Blu-ray edition of HP7 Pt. 2 (out Nov. 11) to find out! 

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  • Grubi

    So you can say b.i.tch in the article, but it is bleeped out in the clip? That’s ridiculous.

    • Mickayla

      ikr they say it in the article but not in the video. and i liked it when she did say it

      • Nigel

        Frankly, I was VERY disappointed with the entire final battle scene – the Bellatrix/Molly battle felt way too short and the Harry/Voldy battle was rubbish as compared to the book – I mean c’mon! It’s the final act of the series! Take the time/money to go as epic as it was in the book! If you never read the book, it might be fine, but I’m fairly certain that most book fans felt they were shortchanged……

      • yukiko

        i agree with nigel !!!!!!!!

      • DJ

        I agree Nigel. I was anticipating that scene for so long and it felt like a total let down.

      • CatBoreal

        Agreed, I was disappointed in the entire movie, frankly. They gave short shrift to so many important scenes from the book, in particular the Molly/Bellatrix battle and Nevil’s complete arc.

      • Seriously…

        I agree with Nigel and CatBoreal as well—so much of the action sequences at the end were reduced to people running here or there, punctuated by a large crowd scene or two. I never felt that the final battle was epic at all—especially compared to battles in LOTR or even Star Wars for comparison. And the Molly Weasley scene was so half-baked. If there was anything that the director could have pumped up even more, it was that scene.

      • Jake

        I disagree with all your comments. If you actually READ the final battle between Harry/Voldemort, the actual wand face off is only about a paragraph long. Same with the Molly/Bellatrix fight. They followed that last half of the book almost to a T, so they made it as epic as the book is. Sorry you guys are so let down and can’t look at the bigger picture of the fact that the other seven movies were also part of the Harry/Voldemort battle. It wasn’t just that one sequence in this movie, it was the entire series. It just took ten years to tell the battle.

      • SNIKT!

        I too agree. Splitting the final book into two movies was a great idea and MOST of it was excellently adapted for the screen…EXCEPT the final battle between Harry and Voldemort! Vold’s death in the book was much better, his fatal mistake in the flm duel was a bit vague. Also a bit vague in the film that Molly actually KILLED Beat too.

      • Ryan

        WRONG. Sorry, all the real die-hard fans have already spoken, and it’s the best of the series. Did you really expect them to make another 3 hour film that has me falling asleep just to give every whiny fan what they PERSONALLY wanted out of it? The critics have spoken, the TRUE fans have spoken, you are just depressed commentators with no social skills or you’d know that on a social level you are trying to literally kill the Harry Potter magic by complaining about what you personally wanted out of it.

      • Silv

        I agree with Catboreal about Neville’s arc. Voldemort was to have been bested by one of two wizards born on a certain day. That to me substantiated Neville’s story arc. Who could have foreseen that the meek and mild Neville would come into his own, fortified by his own personal history, to lead the remaining members of Dumbledore’s Army at Hogwarts while awaiting the final battle against Voldemort? It was by mere chance that Voldemort went after the Potters instead of the Longbottoms. Neville should have been given more dignity in the final battle scene than the film gave him.

      • Susan

        Wow Ryan, your comment is verging on hateful. Just because someone doesn’t love the last movie doesn’t mean they aren’t a true fan. I’ve loved Harry Potter for more than a decade and I’ve got a tattoo inked on me for life to prove it, so nobody can tell me I’m not a fan just because I don’t love every second of the movies. DH Part 2 was okay for what it was but when directly compared to the book, some parts just let me down. I’m not a bad fan for thinking so, you aren’t a better fan for disagreeing with me.

      • Annie

        I agree with Nigel!! My biggest gripe with the final battle was that in the book the final battle between Harry and Voldy was in front of quite a chunk of the wizarding community. In the movie it’s just Harry and Voldy and Voldy dies and then nothing. No celebrations, nobody mentions it, it’s like it never happened, And then Harry just throws the Elder Wand away without fixing his own! WHAT?! Also agree about Neville. He is made into quite an idiot by the movies but I will never EVER forget the pride I felt when I read the 7th book for the first time and it was Neville Longbottom who appeared out of that portrait and we learned that he had been leading the resistance inside of Hogwarts. That his boy, who was always so meek could become just as much a hero as Harry, Ron and Hermione. His portrayal in the movies was disappointing. The funny thing is when I read the 7th book, as I made it through the second half, I thought, “Wow this is going to translate so well to film.” How wrong was I?

      • Samantha

        I also agree with Nigel. bella’s death was beyond ruined and molly’s delivery of the line was anti-climatic and not at all how i imagined it. also voldermorts death was also disappointing. harry breaking the elder wand made me want to throw something at the screen because it never effing happened!!

      • tang2

        Well it was a quick moment in the book too. It would’ve been lame if they had spent like 3 minutes on it in the film.
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      • Reba

        @Annie Thank you for mentioning how Harry broke the Elder Wand. I was disappointed that they didn’t have Harry fix his own wand in the movie. It is a very small part of the book, but it is probably one of my favorite parts.

      • LMNOP

        I agree with most posters above (sans Ryan). The climax of the entire series is Harry’s standoff with Voldemort at the end, and how Harry makes Riddle look like a fool in front of everyone present. It was a fabulous scene in the book. How sad that it was that particular scene that the director chose to shoot so differently than it was written in the book. I’d be interested to hear his thought process behind it.

      • Dave

        You can’t expect the scene to be as dramatic or drawn out as it is in the book. In the book, it requires a bit of detail to convey this stuff. In the movie, these scenes are a bit shorter, cause they’re supposed to be happening in real-time.

      • Chredon

        My issue is that the ADDED so much to the final Harry/Voldy fight: all that flying around the castle, falling off towers and stuff, most of which was done for the 3D effect, I think, and totally not in the book. The whole final battle ranged all over the castle, when in the book from the moment Harry ‘came back to life,’ the entire fight was a big group retreat into the Great Hall. But to give credit where due, the final battle as written would not have been as visually stunning as the one in the movie. It’s a different medium, and requires a different presentation. For Rowling to describe, in words, the type of battle seen in the movie would have been boring to read, and for the movie to stay totally true to the book would have been equally boring.

      • MysterWright

        Not seeing Snape grab Malfoy’s wand in 1/2 blood prince to kill Dumbledore is eqiv. to Greedo shooting first and missing in SW Special Edition.

      • Aji

        that’s why it not fresh 100%

    • tori

      writing the word leaves it strictly for the reader only whereas playing would end up possibly subjecting it to others around. for instance if viewing it while out in public and being around kids who might hear. it all comes down to liability since it is just a clip on a public site instead of a film that has to be purchased or rented
      that’s my take anyway…it all comes down to them CYA

      • Sue

        what a load of cobblers….kids of today can teach me more vulgar language than I was ever exposed to! and I come from the East End of London.

      • Z

        And also If you are on the internet in a public place, bring some HEADPHONES. No one wants to hear what you’re watching, regardless of the content.

      • melinda

        Well said Tori. Kids talking vulgar means what exactly? That it’s okay?

      • Brandy

        I’d guess most kids would have recognized where the line came from. It’s a Harry Potter movie, not some Quentin Tarantino flick.

      • Izmit

        Judy and Georg .You guys are the best! Nicky (as well as his Mom and Dad) will have this incredible mmorey of Halloween 2010! You absolutely captured the perfect moments and facial expressions of our son. We will always be grateful!!!!!!!! Thank you!

    • Clay

      They showed the nude The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo poster yet can’t have her say bitch…. WTF?

    • Rush

      What’s a bit more disapointing is that EW is owned by TimeWarner which also owns Warner Brothers. So this is really an advertisement for the Blu Ray version of the movie mascarading as an article.

  • PJ

    I was actually disappointed with this in the film. It felt rushed, kind of like an afterthought.

    • cassie

      I agree

      • Acaseofgeo

        I agree it felt “rushed”. I’m not denying it’s one of my favorite parts in the entire book series, but the filming scene…….which I waited for breathlessly for several years hoping it WOULD be left intact, simply felt “rushed”. (It seemed as if it was “obligatory”.)

    • Marlene

      The whole final scene was disappointing.

    • slam

      Yeah it was rushed either as an afterthought or edited to look that way. But oh well, Molly may of had trouble dispatching Boggarts, but when it came down to Death Eaters she got the job done.

      • Heather

        The nature of a Boggart is to take form of your biggest fear. In order to dispel the Boggart you have to make your fear into something funny…could you make a dead loved one seem funny in any way? I know I couldn’t. The one Boggart scene was a fluke, yeah it might have made her look like a weak witch, but I think a little lenience should be allowed for that boggart thing. I wouldn’t be able to make my loved ones dead body funny in any way.

        Add the fact that she’s a mother, who just lost a child and saw another one, plus two close friends of that child, in danger and almost die. Her ability to fight Death Eaters suddenly like a Pro is the same as a mother who is able to lift a car to save her child, amazing feats can be achieved when you think someone you love is in danger.

        Mrs. Weasley is one of my favorite characters and I think she’s also one of the most misunderstood ones as well. She always seems overbearing and over protective, but that’s what mothers are supposed to do (most of the time at least.)

      • Caracticus

        Molly’s power and skill has been debated on lots of Harry Potter forums, but the point of the Boggart Scene is a) NEVER face a Boggart alone, as we all learned in Remus’ DADA class (which Molly did) and b) as JKR herself has said, JUST because Molly’s a “homemaker” don’t think that she’s not skilled or powerful… or, like Bellatrix, it will be YOUR loss.

    • David Rodriguez

      Me too, everyone I know spoke about it like it was something so bad-ass but it happened so fast and didn’t have the intense build-up I imagined reading the book in which they had an actual full on duel instead of Molly being on the defensive and then blasting Bellatrix like it was nothing.

    • Peter

      Yup. The line is supposed to have the weight of her son’s death behind it. She delivered it like a feisty grandma in a Julie Roberts rom-com.

    • tweetzy

      I felt the last three movies were not the best they could have been. It’s sad you wait so long for that great movie and they fall very short. I guess I’ll just go back and read the books again and know how good they are.

    • Liz Lemon

      Well it was a quick moment in the book too. It would’ve been lame if they had spent like 3 minutes on it in the film.

    • LMNOP

      @PJ – I agree as well. Felt very rushed. Perhaps a pause before the line or lower the volume on the background music, or a closeup. Something, anything, to highlight that split second moment would have been welcome, especially after the build-up in the books of all the evil Bellatrix was responsible for. The entire end of the movie felt like an afterthought.

    • lolz

      true… the book was much much much better

  • Jessica

    I was actually glad that it made it into the film at all. So much gets cut from the movie adaptations of books.

    • slam

      I agree. I would love to see the Harry Potter books turned into a TV series. This way they could bring back things that weren’t included in the movies like S.P.E.W. Other characters that were taken out for a great deal of the movies such as the Hogwarts Ghosts, Dobby,

      • Jenni

        The idea of a HP tv series is awesome. I know my kids would love it.

      • abadstroller

        It would be hard to sustain the quality of SF and performers for episodic TV. Also, it would give the trolls more to rip on….:(

      • Anya

        Yeah.. HP the tv series would be awsome.. i remeber feeling so left down after the first movie, with hardly any of the content that made the book awsome and special included, the 3rd movie almost made me cry in frustration, beeing my fav of the books, and the movie so terrible compared….
        a tv show/series would be a great way to make it “fan wise” like narnia and som many others have been… something like…7 seasons with 15 episodes… would be SO epic!!!!

      • Spangler

        Yes, and this time they could do it right and have Harry marry Hermione! (Hermione and Ron=lamest couple ever. And Ginny? Who the hell is she?)

      • SeriousBlack

        No, no, no. Just let it be. Just let it go. Harry Potter was a great BOOK series. The movies at best were a pale comparison. Don’t completely bastardize the books by making it a TV show to get in every frigging little detail you want to see. Re-read the books. Better yet, discover NEW books or REDISCOVER old classics. I loved the Harry Potter series but every d*amn thing doesn’t need to be prolonged or regurgitated. Respect a THE END.

      • Chredon

        Serious: I absolutely agree. I’ve seen so many things that were great to begin with but beaten to death with excessive attempts to keep milking them.

        But I do have one suggestion – for J.K. Rowling. Orson Scott Card did a great series of books – the Ender cycle. Several years after he completed them, he did another series of books that told the SAME STORY from the point of view of another character who was a minor character in the originals. So, how about this – tell the same story, but from Neville’s point of view? Make Neville the hero of a series of books that starts with his debut at Hogwarts and follows his growth all the way to becoming a leader of the resistance and defender of the castle. What about it, J.K., you up for it?

  • mervin

    i also reall agree dis

  • mervin


  • krista

    i can’t wait to see part two. i rented it on netflix. and it’s a long wait. saw part one. and now waiting to see part two.:-)

    • Rebecca

      Welll your wait is worth it, i have seen it and i wish they woukd actually continue it from there like for example Harry Potter REBORN or something like that. Now that would be really good i sometimes thimes that what J K Rollowing put in the book the directors cuts about 30 minutes out if the actuall movie i mean i have read all of the harry potter books and what they have in the books compared to the films, you would be sitting there watching the movie then suddendly be wondering where the big dramatic part that i READ IN THE BOOK its not in the movie


      • elliee

        omgosh another potter mover would be SO COOL i mean it could be about all of harry’s children and they discover the truth about him… and then harry in the real world is with ginny nd ron nd hernione and they all get into some kind of trouble and then they are surprised to find there kids to come and rescue him and then his oldest james and him have a fight because he didnt tell him about being famous harry potter but him other two children albus and lily are still at school AND SOMTHING HAPPENS TOO THEM then it carries on OMG THAT WOULD BE SOOOOOOOO COOOL!!! :OOO!!

    • Liz Lemon

      You should’ve seen it in the theaters. The movie has so many amazing moments that just need to be seen on a huge, movie screen. If there’s a dollar theater near you playing the film, I suggest you go there. It probably won’t be available on netflix for a loooooong time.

  • Marie O”Brien

    welll fred is dead at that point

  • Jamie

    I wasn’t as disappointed in this one as I was in Half-Blood Prince (that one still makes me mad), but I do think that this one could have been a little slower and more dramatic. Instead, it was very anticlimatic. Overall, still prefer the books to the movies

    • Patrick

      Ugh, HBP was HORRIBLE. I agree with some comments about DH2. But given time and budget constraints, There’s very little that I truly didn’t like;

      • Janmejay

        Well since you’ve read The Da Vinci Code(which I loved) you should read Angels and Demons if you haven’t aardley. Other books I would recommend are the Percy Jackson series, The Last Vampire trilogy by Christopher Pike, the Inkheart Trilogy by Cornelia Funke, and The Princess Bride by William Goldman(it’s pretty funny). Hope you find something you like!

    • Dave

      I actually loved Half-Blood Prince, it’s one of my favorites.

      • carolyn

        Out of curiousity, have you read the book? Because I don’t think I know any book fans who liked Half-Blood Prince. Honestly, I thought they ruined it.

      • Fae

        Frankly, I feel that the movies from Phoenix to Deathly Hallows were incredibly disappointing. They should have had Peter Jackson direct them. The last three movies were choppy and made little sense. I realize that not all of the pages in the books can be put on screen, but really, adding scenes that were not even in the book(s), eliminating scenes that I felt were important to the story and shortening scenes for the sake of “time” just didn’t make any sense whatsoever. Of all seven (eight) movies, I feel that Phoenix was the worst and Goblet of Fire was the best. I’m relieved to read here that apparently I’m not alone. Regardless of how I feel, I do own all the movies and still bring them out occasionally to watch them again.

      • m1

        I enjoyed Half-Blood Prince as well. The book is the best of the series, IMO.

      • Liz Lemon

        Me too. I love that movie. And even though it sucks we didn’t get to see the Gaunts on-screen, I’m content with it. I understand why they couldn’t put every single memory in the movie.

      • Dave

        Yeah, I’ve read the book. I guess I’m just the type of person who is okay with creative liberties being taken in film adaptations of books. I understand why many book fans didn’t like it, but to me, the film was so beautifully made and emotionally compelling. The acting from the trio was the best we had seen so far. I thought the music was excellent. And the balance between dark themes, lightheartedness, and romance was perfect.
        All in all, the movies in this series that I hold in highest regard are the Yates films and Prisoner of Azkaban. I thought the first two, while faithful, lacked style. And I thought Goblet of Fire was disjointed.

      • Annie

        I’m a huge book fan and I actually really liked HBP the movie. With the exception of the random burning of the burrow WHICH DIDN’T HAPPEN IN THE BOOK EVER! I think they stayed truest to the book in HBP. I would also say that by the time we got to HBP I had learned to put up the wall between the book universe and the movie universe and look at them as two separate things. I think the reason people dislike HBP both book and movie is that it is a lot of background stuff with not a lot of action. It makes for a bad movie. I also have a lot of complaints about the second Dumbledore in the movies being a huge JERK. He played Dumbledore so harshly it made the movies less enjoyable.

      • chris

        i agree with you dave, to a t.

    • Liz Lemon

      DH Part 1 has all the slow, dramatic moments. You have to think of it as one movie tbh, because frankly it is. But Part 2 also had a lot of dramatic moments even though it was a battle (the Prince’s tale, harry in King’s Cross with Dumbledore, Harry and the resurrection stone scene, the scene with Helena Ravenclaw, etc).

  • Celia

    I waited somewhat patiently(ok not really patient) for that one line. I remember cheering when I read it in the book and was hoping they would keep it in the movie.I am glad they did.

    • Tess

      I totally agree Celia. :) I would have been totally disappointed if they had left it out.

    • Joni

      My 1st time through the book I literally scared my cat out of a heavy sleep and he went running when Molly said “Not my daughter, you B1tch.!” I yelled YES! at the top of my voice (surprised the neighbors didn’t pound on the wall since it as about 3 in the morning).

      Although Julie had the acting chops to make it as awesome as the book the director made it too short and not public enough – was suppose to be in front of everyone, including Harry and Voldemort, in the Great Hall.
      Don’t get me wrong it was still very good and one of my favorite moments in Part 2 and I’m glad it was left in.
      Same for the final battle between Harry and Tom Riddle – would have been so much better if it too had been staged in the Great Hall.

  • Carolyn

    I guess its bleeped in the clip because very young children can hear it, whereas they cant read it.

  • Sassy

    I could not believe they cut Harry and Voldemort’s final scene to an empty courtyard where I thought I saw Neville in the doorway, but no one else. There was an audience for the finale yet the director thought, for some crazy reason, to make it a private fight. That was just crazy to me! This evil wizard’s death was supposed to be witnessed by so many who waited till the day they didn’t have to live in fear.

    • Saskia

      Off-topic but related and I agree with you.

    • Aura Lee

      Agreed! 100% I felt like I had been gipped. Like I just spent 10 years of my life on a movie series that was building toward this moment of defeating Voldemort and then he’s just dead and nobody sees it. Nobody deals with it. Nobody celebrates the end of a vicious dictator. Really?! Then there is just Harry walking through the hall, not really talking to people and then Neville is talking about how he randomly has the hots for Luna. Ugh. Terrible resolution.

    • fish eye no miko

      It’s especially stupid when you think about how how often the Ministry has buried stuff, and how often they refuse to believe what Harry tells them. If he’s the only witness to Voldie’s death, why would they believe him?
      God, filmmakers, THINK.

  • Jazmin

    Ahahaha dude tht is one of the best parts dude ginnys mom kicks ass !!!

  • Sassy

    Sorry, that was off-topic. Back to Molly. I also was very happy to see that part left in the film. She’s such a sweetheart so it was a nice few seconds to see some badassery from her.

  • Jack

    That should’ve been a climatic part of the end, with more time and thought put into it. I waited thru the whole movie for her to kill that b##ch..

    • Liz Lemon

      I thought it was very climatic. And considering how many other climatic moments are going on at the same time, I don’t it would have been realistic for them to spend 5 minutes on that part alone.

  • Carol

    It was quite surprising to watch and hear Molly take on Bellatrix, I knew Bellatrix didn’t have her wand because of Dobby and that wasen’t the surprise, it was the look on molly’s face after she had killed Bellatrix that was the most surprising, I mean she darn right looked evil afterwards! not the same motherly sort that she portrayed throughout the whole series of Movies! all in all I loved every bit of the movie series of Harry Potter! Well Done!

    • Lin

      It’s a bad idea to mess with a mom who is out to protect her kid.

    • Derek

      Hi Catherine,Thanks for posting the picutre of Kishori and Vinceya reading Harry Potter. i really miss seeing all of you and i remember the good times we used to have in choir. I hope you are having a wonderful year in schoolLots of love,Miss peggy

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