Box office update: 'Puss in Boots' the cat's meow on Friday with $9.6 million


Image Credit: Dreamworks Animation LLC

Dreamworks Animation’s Shrek-spinoff Puss in Boots got off to a decent start at the box office on Friday, scratching up the competition and topping the chart with an estimated $9.6 million.

That opening number puts Puss well behind other Dreamworks pictures like Kung Fu Panda 2, which started with $13.1 million on its way to a $47.7 million weekend, and How To Train Your Dragon, which earned $12.1 million on Friday and scored $43.7 million in its opening frame. If Puss in Boots can score a similar 3.5 weekend multiplier (which may be difficult with a giant snowstorm hitting the Northeast), it could pull in $34 million this weekend, and while that is an impressive-sounding number, we must remember that Puss in Boots came with a hefty $130 million pricetag.

In second, last weekend’s chart topper, Paranormal Activity 3, dropped by a scary 75 percent to $6.5 million on Friday, but given how inflated its opening day was last week, that drop should level out to about 60 percent over the rest of the weekend — pretty standard for a horror sequel. Paranormal Activity 3 may have earned about $20 million by Sunday’s end, which would lift its total to $82 million.

Justin Timberlake and Amanda Seyfried’s psychological thriller In Time started off in third place with $4.3 million, which is well below the $6.8 million that Timberlake’s last film, Friends With Benefits, earned on opening day. The $40 million film is looking at a lackluster $13 million frame.

Speaking of lackluster, Johnny Depp’s latest, The Rum Diary, earned only $1.9 million yesterday. Depp’s $50 million vehicle may begin with just $5.5 million. Someone get that guy a drink! Close behind in fifth, Footloose grossed another $1.8 million, and it could be headed to a $6 million weekend, which would bring its cume to just under $40 million.

The weekend’s other new opener, Anonymous, grossed $315,000 out of 265 theaters. The Shakespeare speculation piece is looking at a $1 million weekend. Maybe Sony shouldn’t have gone with a platform release strategy for this one….

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  • Tammy Holden

    ‘The Double’ and ‘Like Crazy’ should have both gotten a wide release. They both have interesting casts and deserve better than to be ignored by the public now.

    • LOL

      America loves Paul Walker.

      • T

        LOL wants to do Paul Walker

      • Rick

        Best nap I ever had. Look, less Puss and more BOOTS.. ha ha ha ha

      • The Hard Truth

        That should teach Hollywood for having that overrated dope Timberlake headline a movie!

      • THIS


      • Mad World

        LOL I guess that means you admit Paul Walker is crap!

      • Agree re Timberlake^^

        I don’t get how he’s still able to get leading roles. There’s nothing appealing about that guy from the outside to his inside cheating stinking self.

      • tang2

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      • Adwina Lambert

        Pixar films are cinematic gold and modern day classics!! Dreamworks flicks, Ice Age sequels, The Incredibles knock-offs and Happy Feet as owls or macaws, Shrek-spin-offs are pure pop trash!!! tee-hee

      • Carlos

        I love Paul Walker. The man is fine and hung like a horse.

    • meestermajick

      I agree with Miss Holden. Do you think Felicity Jones can earn an Oscar nod?

      • Tony Carlson

        but Miss Holden was paid to say that, not even a Miss but a spambot, she had a different name yesterday saying the same damn thing!

      • meestermajick

        What?! I got punk’d!

      • The Truth

        yes happens every week!

    • Tony Carlson

      shut up studio shill no one gives a crap about those movies!

      • meestermajick

        Woah, Tony. Chill.

      • The Truth

        defending the Studio Shills really? LMFAO!

      • meestermajick

        No. I just happened to like Like Crazy.

      • The Truth

        yeah I can respect that, just sick of the Shills!

      • Rick

        Oh but without the Shills we wouldn’t have crap tv to watch.. Careful.

      • Reality

        Rick that mad absolutely no sense what does shilling on EW’s message board about the weekend’s boxoffice take have to do with what we watch on TV, did you get into meestermajick’s stash again? guys!

      • Reality

        Rick that made absolutely no sense what does shilling on EW’s message board about the weekend’s boxoffice take have to do with what we watch on TV, did you get into meestermajick’s stash again? guys!

      • Adwina Lambert

        Pixar films are cinematic gold and modern day classics!! Dreamworks flicks, Ice Age sequels, The Incredibles knock-offs and Happy Feet as owls or macaws, Shrek-spin-offs are pure pop trash!!!

    • Carl

      I loved “In Time”. It wasn’t confusing at all to me. I like Sci-Fi that makes you think. I thought the entire cast did well with the script. It was way better than I thought looking at C+ reviews. I might see it again on halloween.

    • LOL

      America loves crap.

  • Geoghegan

    I watched ‘In Time’. It was amazing to see Justin Timberlake and Cillian Murphy face off.

    • mayorghouliani

      are u also amazed by shiny objects
      there cannot be anything more boring than those two mediocre actors in a lame movie

    • The Truth

      another shill here!

      • Adwina Lambert

        Pixar films are cinematic gold and modern day classics!! Dreamworks flicks, Ice Age sequels, The Incredibles knock-offs and Happy Feet as owls or macaws, Shrek-spin-offs are pure pop trash!

    • The Hard Truth

      How much do you make being a plant?

      • meestermajick

        The Hard Truth says that The Truth is a weed. The truest pest.

      • Mad World

        I think the Hard Truth wasspeaking about Geoghegan, think you better lay off the weed, meestermajick!

      • meestermajick

        Oh… please don’t turn me in to the feds.

  • joe

    rum diary is a great movie . don’t notice to reviews and don’t lost a nice movie. Depp show Hunter’s spirit and heart.

    • LOL

      Depp isn’t worthy to lick the boot straps of Vin Diesel.

      • rachel

        @LOL..are you crazy?..Johnny is a STAR and one of the best actor..the thing is the Rum Diary is a weird movie..he only wanted show that story to the people..

    • meestermajick

      Diesel is a movie star.
      Depp is a movie star AND an actor. An excellent one to be accurate.

      • The Truth

        Vin Deisel is a in the closet steroid with no real acting ability, in 20 years Depp will still be remembered, deisel will be a sad footnote!

    • rachel

      Well said man! The people have to see it!

      • meestermajick

        Hey Rachel. Do you like Moneyball?

  • Michael

    Give Puss in Boots a little credit that considering its last minute date switch(on the weekend before Halloween, no less) and it’s actually a really good opening and it should have really small declines over the next two weekends

    • maxinpains

      it won’t decline that quickly. But then, It will be much bigger sales on DVD for sure…All the mothers are raving on this movie for thier Childrens. I don’t know why.

  • Andrew

    “Puss in Boots” also has a lower opening day gross than “Megamind,” which made $12.5 million around the same time last year. However, it still has a little while to make some money before “The Muppets,” “Arthur Christmas,” and “Happy Feet Two” are released.

  • lucia

    rum diary is wonderful .I don’t understand some Disney do something as banned interview ..Depp portrays some of the most oddball and intricate characters in Hollywood and Thompson is credited as the founder of Gonzo Journalism. Depp did the best .rum diary draws in Thompson’s language, ideology, and attitude and Depp deserve to appreciate .

    • LOL

      Depp needs to put on some muscle. He’s scrawny. I like my guys masculine looking.

      • A

        Yeah, but Depp was amazing as Bellatrix LeStrange in the Harry Potter movies.

      • meestermajick

        HA-HA. you’re funny, A. VERY funny.

      • Teddy

        is that how you like your guys Cameron J, you Troll!

      • meestermajick

        uh-oh. Cameron J aka LOL. I think your boyfriend busted you!

      • Cameron J

        Hello Teddy. Let’s assume for a moment that I am LOL. Which I’m not, but thinking hypothetical. I’m supposedly following LOL (the other me) everywhere, commenting my dislike to get him more attention. …well you’re sure doing a lot of following me and LOL around. Who’s to say you aren’t just another disguise of mine? In fact, who’s to say I’m not just another disguise of you?

        Hypothetically, of course.

      • The Truth

        wow, that was very trippy of you LOL, I mean Cameron J!

      • tomm

        Depp is like ‘Fonzie’ after jumping the shark. Trying hard to look his “1990’s cute guy” with greasy hair.

        He’s past due for an image change, His long dirty hair, stuck-up “I live in France” attitude, and round glasses are tired and ugly now.

      • M&M

        Tomm = Tool

    • mayorghouliani

      Maybe people are tired of seeing Depp PLAY THE SAME CHARACTER IN EVERY MOVIE
      its just not cute or funny anymore.

      • rachel

        @mayorghouliani..that is NOT what happens with Johnny DePP..! THE THING IS PUSS IN BOOTS AND PARANORMAL ACTIVITY DID WELL AS EXPECTED..and I would say that In Time didn’t well..there is too much money in that movie…dosen’t it?..Anyway DEPP IS STILL CUTE AND FUNNY..YOU BLIND ! Did you see him in the premiere?

      • Reality

        yes Because Ed Wood, Capatain Jack, Hunter S Thompson, Edward Scissorhands, J. M. Barrie, Willy Wonka, Ichabod Crane, and Donnie Brasco are all just the same character you dolt!

  • jack

    A perfect film.You don’t need to be a fan of Hunter S. Thompson to enjoy or understand this film.hunter would be proud.the passion and love brought to screen with Johnny Depp’s acting in this role. Do not miss this movie or let some vacant review keep you from it.

    • Tony Carlson

      I do agree reviews are just someone’s paid opinion, people should make up their own minds and stop being sheep!

  • Barry

    The only “Puss in Boots” I want to see is my naked girlfriend.

    • Nick

      I want to see you naked in boots.

      • meestermajick

        Does your girlfriend has a sword?

      • Chad

        Now I’m turned on.

    • Barry

      NO…I have the sword.

      • meestermajick

        That’s hot.

      • meestermajick

        we should swashbuckle.

      • Woot

        Are ya gonna give her some “humpty dumpty”?

  • P7

    What we’re forgetting here is this: First, it was game 7 of the world series. 2nd, there is a huge snow storm engulfing the greater part of the Northeast. And 3rd, it’s pre-Halloween — many people, especially kids and families, will be occupied with parties and early trick or treating, etc. So, don’t be so harsh on some of these new releases and hold over’s. This is not an ideal weekend to be in the multiplexes.

    • Michael

      Puss in Boots and In Time did well as expected. I would say Rum Diary was the only casualty because it was too strange for mainstream America. As for Anonmyous, Stop giving us history lessons, Roland Emmerich! You’re not good at it.

      • mayorghouliani

        bad choice of subject matter, no one really cares who Shakespeare was or wasn’t

  • Ophelia

    Anonymous insults the intelligence of the very audience it’s trying to appeal to. It only appeals to moon landing deniers and 9/11 conspiracists; the kind of nuts who can recite Snookie better than Shakespeare. Why are movie companies making dumbed down versions of the work of highbrow wriers like The Bard and Alexander Dumas?

  • LOL

    America loves cats.

    • BRB

      America loves puss.

      • meestermajick

        America loves furry puss + swords.

      • SYL

        I like weenie.

      • Barry

        Some do like shaved puss.

      • meestermajick

        Obviously, like you, Barry. We get it. You have a hot girlfriend. Move on.

      • Merv the Perv

        I want to see Barry naked in my bed, make him my own personal Puss in Bed!

      • meestermajick

        Merv? Your name’s Merv? Is that short for Mervin?

      • Merv the Perv

        why so personal meestermajic, what’s your name baby?….you got some majic in them there pants, I know I do!

  • serena

    I love this movie i saw it and it ckute and so funny

  • Mack Mabel Marky Mark

    Can someone please explain the ending to ‘Martha Marcy May Marlene’ to me?! I don’t know what to make of it. Not a clue!

    • meestermajick

      Go to the MMMM review.

  • Elizabeth

    Why would they only release Anonymous in 265 theatres? It has widespread appeal. This sucks.

    • SC

      No it doesn’t, based on those returns.

      • Elizabeth

        Well, I know alot of people who wanted to see it.
        Also, it had no returns because of it’s lack of theatres. If it were realeased in 2,000 theatres, it’d made more money.

  • jason

    rum diary is a movie about a writer in search of his narrative voice.Depp is perfect for the role, he must relish any turn in the gonzo journalist’s shoes. He is virtually in every frame and carries the movie grandly on his back.see that and enjoy it.

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