Marvel Studios goes micro ('Ant-Man') and macro ('Guardians of the Galaxy') with Comic-Con revelations

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First, we got an update on man with the hammer.

Thor 2 is in pre-production, with plans to debut on Nov. 8, 2013. Marvel Studios chief Kevin Feige confirmed that Zachary Levi (NBC’s Chuck) would be taking over the role of Fandral, the god of thunder’s sword-swinging celestial pal. (Josh Dallas, who played the role in the original movie, had to bow out due to his commitment to ABC’s Once Upon a Time.)

Feige then revealed the official title of the sequel – Thor: The Dark World.

Okay … what exactly is The Dark World? That question remains unanswered.

Captain America 2 got a far more revealing subtitle.

MarvelWho is The Winter Soldier? It’s a character created by Marvel writer Ed Brubaker, who was spinning him off from an earlier creation by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby.

Remember Cap’s childhood friend Bucky, played in 2011’s Captain America: The First Avenger by Sebastian Stan? When last we saw him (And be warned … here is a spoiler alert) he was plummeting off the side of a train during a World War II raid, and vanishing into a snowy void — apparently dead.

In the comics, Brubaker brought Bucky back to life decades later, resurrecting him as a Soviet assassin who was rescued from his state of frozen, suspended animation (what’s with people in the Cap universe being stored like frozen peas?) given a bionic arm to replace the one he lost, brainwashed to erase his previous identity, and sent on various kill-missions.

In short, he’s a tragic villain. And with Chris Evans’ Captain America now in the present day, we’re likely to find out that Sebastian Stan’s character was similarly preserved and restored decades after being lost in the snow.

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