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Tonto has done a little jail-time.

Who knows for what, but my guess is he has been unfairly imprisoned. (He’s the good-guy, after all.)

My first thought on seeing this was, “That looks like the kind of prison that would have ‘Jack Sparrow Was Here’ scratched on the wall somewhere.'”

My second thought was: “Okay, so is Tonto a little bit supernatural?”

The character is in deep meditation, and then we see him gently lift his arms and the box of light cast on the wall in front of him begins to stretch wide. Is he calling on some otherworldly force to help him escape this cell? Again, in just a few rapid images it’s difficult to say for sure.

Depp told EW this much about the character in a recent interview: “Tonto’s a Comanche who left his tribe, or his nation, when he was very, very young, on this personal quest. He’s basically like a wild card. He was of no nation, really, at that point of leaving his tribe. That idea appealed to me, as well. This guy is sort of living a band apart.”

I like that element of loneliness to both characters — it’s called The LONE Ranger after all — and it’s more likely to be an entertaining partnership if it’s a reluctant one.

So what pulls these two together?

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