'Thor 2': Chris Hemsworth has a viking attitude about hero's severed hand


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It wasn’t quite “the chop heard ’round the world” but fans are still abuzz about the battlefield footage from Thor: The Dark World (Nov. 8) that was shown at Comic-Con International last Saturday — specifically the climactic moment when Loki’s sword appears to lop off the outstretched right hand of the staggering thunder god.

Franchise star Chris Hemsworth missed the Hall H preview panel for the best of reasons (he’s in Hong Kong busy filming Cyber with director Michael Mann), but a few days later he still sounded disbelieving of the notion that 6,600 fans in Hall H had already watched final-stage footage of key scenes that he himself has yet to see. 

“Is that the footage they showed?  I haven’t seen it yet. I’m trying to get hold of it somehow. I wish I could have been there. I can’t say too much more about it. But I will tell you that’s not the worst thing that he has to worry about along the way.”


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If Thor does indeed lose his hand, he wouldn’t be the first hero to give their right hand a peaked moment of drama; there’s the Skywalker family, of course, as well as Ash Williams of the old Evil Dead films; the angry (or silly?) version of Aquaman; Captain Hook from Peter Pan; and David Tennant’s Time Lord from Doctor Who (although he just grew a new one).

Don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten Jaime Lannister, the feared swordsman of George R.R. Martin’s Song of Ice and Fire novels and played by Nikolaj Coster-Waldau on the HBO adaptation, Game of Thrones. Sir Jaime the Kingslayer lost his hand in an April episode that left fans gasping. (Sir Jamie’s torturer was a sadistic lord named Locke, which might be the High Valyrian translation of Loki?)

There’s a wide divide between the Kingslayer and the Odinson in the areas of ethics, morality and maximum bench press, but Sir Jaime and Thor do share traits — they are both blond warriors of legendary prowess, each shares blood with a king, and both try to keep an eye on his less physical but exceptionally conniving brother.

“That’s a good point, wow, that never struck me,” said Hemsworth, a fan of Thrones even before The Dark World director Alan Taylor emigrated from small-screen Westeros to big-screen Asgard. “There’s a strange parallel there.”

Time will tell if the severed hand of Thor represents a major Hollywood departure from the core Marvel Comics mythology of the hero or something less permanent.  But, with a winking tone, Hemsworth sounded like a viking soul as far as making the best of the situation.  “Maybe I will have to learn to use the hammer with the left hand, you know? Or I was thinking of maybe just attaching it. I could ram it straight down into the stump. That would be very Game of Thrones in approach.”

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