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'Snowpiercer' international trailer: A bunch of dirty rebels fight Tilda Swinton and tyranny -- VIDEO

In Snowpiercer, in the future, the Earth will freeze over and everyone — from the filthiest to the fanciest — will live on a very large train that never stops moving. It completes its trip around the planet once each year, like the sun. And like the sun, it keeps its inhabitants alive. Not all of this is obvious in the first international trailer for the film, which is based on a French graphic novel and written/directed by Bong Joon-ho, the South Korean filmmaker behind The Host and Mother.

What is obvious: the healthy smearing of grime across each face in the large cast (Chris Evans, Jamie Bell, Octavia Spencer, and so many more). But not Tilda Swinton, who plays a shout-y classist. In the two minutes of footage, she’s the strangest sight of all.

Watch the Snowpiercer trailer below:


'Snowpiercer' gets grimy with new images, character posters


We have some of our first images of Snowpiercer, and humanity is looking rough.

The film, adapted from a French graphic novel, is South Korean filmmaker Bong Joon-ho’s English-language feature debut. It takes place at the near-end of humanity, in 2031, when an Ice Age has virtually frozen us off the planet and survivors are kept alive aboard an endless train ride. In the new character posters and stills, we see the film’s sprawling cast — which includes Chris Evans, Jamie Bell, Octavia Spencer, Ed Harris, Kang-ho Song, and a desaturated and bespectacled Tilda Swinton — as well as a few glimpses of the world they live in, which features a lot of grime and frowns.


Coming to America: South Korea's top directors on hitting Hollywood with English language films -- EXCLUSIVE

There’s a scene in South Korean director Park Chan-wook’s 2003 revenge classic Oldboy, currently being remade by Spike Lee, in which the film’s wild-haired, wild-eyed lead Min-sik Choi plops down at a restaurant and slurps on a huge fidgety live octopus, its long tentacles squirming out of his mouth. To American audiences, the moment may seem totally strange. But Park says the scene is less disgusting to Korean audiences. “They would be able to sympathize with the protagonist at that stage, who was incarcerated for 14 years,” he told EW. “He wants to eat something that is alive and moving. By chewing on this living thing, he’s venting his anger to an unknown protagonist.”

What is really gained, or lost, in translation? READ FULL STORY

South Korean box office record breaker 'The Thieves' heads to the U.S. -- EXCLUSIVE POSTER

South Korea has a population of 48 million people*, and clearly, many of them are movie lovers.

Fans have been packing Korean theaters to see The Thieves, an action heist by director Dong-hoo Choi, making it the highest-grossing film in South Korea’s history, beating out Bong Joon-ho’s 2006 monster fable The Host. The Thieves, which premiered in North America last month at the Toronto International Film Festival, hits American theaters on Oct. 12, distributed by Well Go USA Entertainment.

Check out this exclusive poster, below, featuring nine key players in the movie, including South Korean known names Gianna Jun and Jung-jae Lee, all wearing sleekly cool shades and cool-as-a-cucumber expressions. In classic crime caper style, The Thieves focuses on a crew of thieves vying for a sparkly, 318-carat diamond locked up inside a casino vault. According to the Korea Herald, the film has earned the equivalent of $84 million at the box office, with 13 million tickets sold.

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