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'Pacific Rim' Comic-Con panel: Giant robots! Giant monsters! Giant monster 'American Idol'!

The Project: Pacific Rim

The Panel: Charlie Hunnam, Ron Perlman, Charlie Day, Rinko Kikuchi (pictured), director Guillermo del Toro. Moderated by the Nerdist’s Chris Hardwick.

Footage Screened: “This movie came to me like a big, fat, obscene Christmas gift at a time that I needed it very much,” del Toro explained before screening a trailer he said was cut specifically for Comic-Con and would not be seen anywhere else.

And, boy, was it massive. READ FULL STORY

'Total Recall' Comic-Con panel: Colin Farrell talks filling Arnold's shoes, and a neat homage to the 1990 version

The Project: Total Recall

The Panel: Colin Farrell, Kate Beckinsale, Bryan Cranston, Jessica Biel, director Len Wiseman

The Big Revelations: With the film heading to theaters in exactly a month, there wasn’t much more to reveal that hasn’t already been revealed. But there were a few interesting tidbits featured in the footage screened. So…

Footage Screened: Wiseman unveiled a six-minute sizzle reel, which was essentially an expanded version of the most recent trailer. But I did pick out two key new moments: One, after Colin Farrell’s Douglas Quaid is plunged into his Rekall-driven spy adventure, he realizes he has to get rid of his phone, since that’s how he’s being tracked. One problem: It’s inside his hand.


'Looper' Comic-Con panel: Emily Blunt calls it 'the best movie I've ever been a part of'

The Project: Looper

The Panel: Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Emily Blunt, director Rian Johnson

Footage Screened: Johnson called the sizzle reel an expanded version of the latest trailer, but there were still brand new peeks at one of the buzziest sci-fi films at Comic-Con. The first was a conversation between Gordon-Levitt — playing Joe, a mob assassin called a Looper who takes out marks zapped back to him from the future — and the mob boss played by a burly, bearded Jeff Daniels. First, the boss noted that he recruited Joe as the youngest Looper he’d ever hired, and then asked Joe where he was going to go after he retired (more on that in a sec). “I’m going to France,” said Joe. “You should go to China,” said the boss. “I’m going to France,” said Joe. “I’m from the future,” said the boss. “You should go to China.”  READ FULL STORY

'Elysium' Comic-Con panel: Matt Damon talks about the time he was covered in fecal matter

The Project: Elysium

The Panel: Matt Damon, Jodie Foster, Sharlto Copley, writer-director Neill Blomkamp, producer Simon Kinberg

Footage Screened: Blomkamp prefaced the screening admitting that the only time he’s comfortable with the “salesmanship” aspect of his job is when he is screening footage at Comic-Con for true fans. And even though almost all of the visual effects were very much in the rough stages, he did not skimp on delivering some tasty new footage.

It’s 2154. Earth, explains some title cards, is “diseased, polluted, and vastly over-populated.” It’s a wasteland, packed so tight with people that roofs of major skyscrapers have been converted into slums. So the very wealthy have escaped to Elysium, a vast, circular space station in a far orbit around Earth where there is no poverty, no sickness, and no war. Over this explanation, we see a model-perfect woman in a palatial home getting scanned for, and cured of, cancer, in a matter of seconds.  READ FULL STORY

'Resident Evil: Retribution' Comic-Con panel: Michelle Rodriguez steals the show


The Panelists: Director Paul W. S. Anderson and stars Milla Jovovich, Mika Nakashima, Boris Kodjoe, Oded Fehr, and Michelle Rodriguez, returning to the franchise even though she was shot in the head way back in Resident Evil 1.

The Big Revelations: Retribution is the fifth film in the curiously popular franchise — the last film grossed almost $300 million globally — and Anderson described it as “The beginning of the end.” His leading lady (and wife) Jovovich went even further, claiming that Anderson had told her: “I really want to bring this to a closure. If we did do another one, I really want to end this story.” So this could be the penultimate Resident Evil movie, maybe! READ FULL STORY

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