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'That's My Boy' red-band trailer: Adam Sandler has a 'Hangover'

Could Adam Sandler’s new comedy That’s My Boy be skewing slightly more towards The Hangover then Jack and Jill? That’s what seems to be the case in the new red-band trailer for the June 15 release, which stars Sandler as an immature manchild who crashes the wedding of his seemingly put-together son, Todd (Andy Samberg).

The NSFW trailer reveals Todd’s tranquil bachelor party and rehearsal dinner gone horribly wrong (or right?) thanks to Donny’s juvenile interference. As the clip unfolds, the shocks become even more preposterous, although the level of swearing, toilet humor, and obese nakedness can’t possibly come as a surprise. See what Sandler says tastes like ” his f—— d— infused with b—-” below: READ FULL STORY

Would you pay money to see 'MacGruber 2'?


Shortly before the release of 2010′s Will Forte-starring action-comedy MacGruber, the Saturday Night Live star told this writer that he would definitely like to make a sequel. “That is a dream scenario,” said the comic.  “Just to be working with the same group of people would be awesome. I would love the chance to do that again… in a tropical setting.”


'Anchorman II' poster revealed


This is happening, people. On the heels of the Anchorman II teaser that began playing before screenings of The Dictator last night, Paramount has released a teaser poster for its highly anticipated comedy sequel. Like that one-minute clip, the new image doesn’t reveal anything about the film’s plot — but seeing it might put fans in a glass case of emotion anyway. And if nothing else, it does seem to indicate that the new film’s official title is Anchorman: The Legend Continues. Click through to see Ron, Brick, Brian, and Champ once more… or, at least, part of them.


Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright release plot details of their next movie, 'The World's End'


Mission: Impossible actor Simon Pegg and Scott Pilgrim vs. the World director Edgar Wright will reunite and start filming The World’s End in September, according to Deadline. Wright will direct, while Pegg is set to star alongside frequent co-star Nick Frost. The World’s End team has also released a logline for the project, which you can read below.


Johnny Depp's Dr. Seuss biopic will co-star the storyteller's best-loved characters

Picture a combination of Finding Neverland and Who Framed Roger Rabbit.

That’s sort of what Johnny Depp has in mind for a new biopic of Dr. Seuss, a.k.a. Theodor Geisel, with the movie plunging into the imagination of the author to see his creative process unfold through interaction with his most famous characters.

“A lot of writers I know have a tendency to talk to themselves or talk as the character — and then talk as the other character. You know what I mean? They can have a whole dialogue with themselves,” Depp tells EW. “There’s something interesting about bringing these characters to life and maybe even witnessing him have a relationship with them.”


Zach Galifianakis and Will Ferrell get the partisan started in new ads for 'The Campaign' -- VIDEO

Two new spots were just released for Will Ferrell and Zach Galifianakis’s upcoming comedy The Campaign. Ferrell plays unctuous Congressman Cam Brady, who appears to have a better grip on his political groupies than the English language. His opponent Marty Huggins (Galifianakis) simply wants to “give Washington a Huggins” — not to mention a thorough cleaning because “it is a mess!”

The ads send up all the clichés of real-world political ads and tweak them for maximum comedy. Who doesn’t like a good Saddam Hussein joke or two? There are also jabs at Communists and out-of-touch fat cats, plus a blink-and-you’ll-miss-him shot of Jack McBrayer (a.k.a. Kenneth from 30 Rock). Start educating yourself on the candidates below. READ FULL STORY

At 'Dictator' press conference, Sacha Baron Cohen stays in character -- and checks out one journalist's junk

General Aladeen of the People’s Republic of Wadiya loves New York. On Saturday night, the despot stopped by SNL‘s Weekend Update to banter with Seth Meyers. This morning, he cheerfully threatened Matt Lauer’s family on the Today show. And just a few hours ago, the Supreme Leader, Chief Ophthalmologist, and excellent swimmer — he can even do the breaststroke! — stopped by Manhattan’s Waldorf Astoria for a press conference with reporters from around the world.

Aladeen, of course, is the latest alter ego of Sacha Baron Cohen, a comedian who promotes his movies with in-character stunt appearances. And though Baron Cohen’s performance at today’s press event didn’t break new ground — the jokes were familiar for anyone who’s watched footage from The Dictator or read about Aladeen’s appearance at CinemaCon — his enthusiasm for playing his new character shined through.

Baron Cohen arrived in the hotel’s Empire Room fashionably late, preceded by a crowd of “subjects” hoisting fawning signs (sample text: “Say No to Democracy”) and flanked by a quartet of hot, stony-faced women wearing itty-bitty military uniforms and berets. After ribbing a guy who had shouted “sit down!” at another reporter — “You want me to sit down? Who is the f–ing dictator?” — the actor launched into his well-oiled routine: “Welcome, devils of the Zionist media, and death to the West! Today, I wish to highlight the plight of a terribly endangered group, the innocent victims of a global human tragedy: dictators.”

Baron Cohen’s general went on to decry the treatment of his authoritarian comrades, noting that their only crimes are embezzling money, oppressing their people, and “doing a tiny little bit of genocide.” Then Baron Cohen mourned a few of the dictators who have fallen in recent years: “Saddam, Kim Jong-il, Gadaffi, and Oprah.”  READ FULL STORY

'Bridesmaids' breakout Rebel Wilson would love to do a spinoff movie

Plenty of actresses have burst onto the scene playing doe-eyed ingenues or bikini-clad sex kittens, but it’s safe to say that Rebel Wilson is the only actress in history whose star-making moment involved pouring a bag of frozen peas down her back. Ever since her scene-stealing turn as Kristen Wiig’s sublimely annoying, Mexican-drinking-worm-tattooed roommate Brynn in last year’s Bridesmaids, the 32-year-old Australian-born comic actress — who’s profiled in this week’s issue of EW — has become one of the most buzzed-about new faces in Hollywood. She has no fewer than five films set to come out this year, starting with the May 18 ensemble comedy What to Expect When You’re Expecting; she recently shot a pilot for a CBS sitcom that she created, wrote, and stars in called Super Fun Night, executive-produced by Conan O’Brien; she just wrapped a supporting part in Michael Bay’s upcoming action film Pain and Gain; and she has an original musical-comedy script in development. Not bad considering Wilson just moved to Los Angeles in 2010. “Rebel has gotten so much bounce off the movie,” marvels Bridesmaids director Paul Feig. “In a weird way, she’s gotten more than anybody.” READ FULL STORY

Alice Cooper talks about his 'Dark Shadows' cameo -- and his many other memorable onscreen adventures

It doesn’t come as a huge surprise to discover horror movie-lovers Alice Cooper and Tim Burton had plenty to talk about when the rocker turned up to film a cameo in the director’s new, Johnny Depp-starring movie Dark Shadows. “We had dinner one night in London and we both knew every point of reference,” Cooper recalls. “If he would say, ‘Suspiria’ I would say ‘Dario Argento.’ I see the humor in horror as much as Tim or Johnny does, so we really do fit together.”

The “School’s Out” star plays himself in Burton’s big budget adaptation of the bizarre, supernatural soap opera, which opens May 11. It says a great deal about the eccentric nature of the rock star’s filmography that Dark Shadows is likely to stand as one of its less insane entries. In this week’s Entertainment Weekly, Cooper talks at length about appearing in such cinematic curios as the Mae West vehicle Sextette, the infamous musical Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, and the werewolf farrago Monster Dog — as well as his roles in better-received projects like Prince of Darkness and Wayne’s World. READ FULL STORY

'Scary Movie 5' scoop: 'Roll Bounce' director Malcolm Lee on board for sequel -- EXCLUSIVE

Dimension Films rebooted its Scream franchise last year and now its sister spoof series, Scary Movie, is getting another installment: EW can exclusively confirm that Malcolm Lee (Roll Bounce, Undercover Brother) will direct Scary Movie 5, with production slated to begin this summer. Casting is underway but David Zucker, who wrote and directed both Scary Movie 3 and 4, will also be returning to co-write and produce the fifth installment alongside Lee.

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