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'How to Train Your Dragon 2': How Guillermo del Toro earned his post-credits 'Thank you' -- SPOILERS


Craig Ferguson owes Guillermo del Toro a very nice dinner.

The late-night host and the voice of How to Train Your Dragon‘s Gobber has never worked with the Pacific Rim director — though they’ve met on The Late Late Show — but he owes him his life. Or, more correctly, Gobber’s life. Click below for the story, if you don’t mind major Dragon 2 SPOILERS. READ FULL STORY

'How to Train Your Dragon 2': Is Gobber really gay? -- SPOILERS

In the How to Train Your Dragon films, Craig Ferguson voices Gobber the Belch, Hiccup’s Viking mentor and a comic sidekick whose early belligerent encounters with dragons cost him an arm and a leg. Stomping around on his peg-leg and wielding a variety of interchangeable tools as arm prostheses, Gobber is more useful in the armory forging weapons than he is in the fight. But he’s brave and loyal and enjoys a place of distinction and respect in the community of Berk. So why hasn’t he married?

In the new sequel, which reunites Hiccup’s parents, Gobber lets slip that settling down with a good woman was never in the cards for him. As Hiccup’s father Stoick (Gerard Butler) has his first little quarrel with Hiccup’s mother Valka (Cate Blanchett), Gobber mutters, “This is why I never married. This and one other reason.”

When Dragon 2 premiered at Cannes last month, audiences raised an eyebrow at the remark. Had battling dragons cost Gobber an appendage even more important than his arm and leg? Or… is Gobber gay? READ FULL STORY

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