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HBO's 'Phil Spector' is a compelling portrait of Phil Spector's dark and crazy charisma. But did he kill that girl?

In the week leading up to tonight’s premiere of the HBO original movie Phil Spector, the pre-release publicity has all been orchestrated around quotes from the film’s writer-director, David Mamet, claiming that the movie is not a docudrama, that it parts ways with reality — and, in Mamet’s own words, that it is “not about Phil Spector.” The film opens with a title that claims: This is a work of fiction. It’s not “based on a true story.” Got it? What we’re about to watch is so made up that it’s not even related to reality. (You’ve got to love those sarcastic quote marks. Very David Mamet dyspeptic.)

Though it seems likely that Mamet, with the presumed endorsement of HBO, was basically launching a pre-emptive strike at everyone from libel lawyers to critics of the movie who might be tempted to pounce on it for being inaccurate, I have to say that the effect of all this “It’s not about Phil Spector!” squawking was to dampen my original enthusiasm for seeing the film. I began to worry that Mamet would take the fascinating tale of Spector and his 2007 trial for the murder of Lana Clarkson, the troubled starlet who died of a gunshot wound to the mouth in Spector’s house on Feb. 3, 2003, and twist it into some heavily stylized, dead-zone Mamet rant-meditation on men, women, celebrity, media, and other Boring Important Topics. READ FULL STORY

Kevin Hart talks sex scenes on 'About Last Night' set -- VIDEO

Kevin Hart is ready — and I mean bursting at the seams — to be a sex symbol, and he may get his wish in the remake of About Last Night.

The ever-energetic comic gushed to EW recently while filming on the downtown Los Angeles set of his movie, which modernizes the 1986 original starring Rob Lowe and Demi Moore, based on the David Mamet play. Hart plays Bernie, a sidekick role inhabited by James Belushi in the original, who is friends with lead heartthrob Michael Ealy. Joy Bryant also stars, and Regina Hall plays Hart’s hot-cold love interest. The movie’s now in post-production.

“Being a comedian, I’m very clean cut in the roles that I’ve had thus far. This was actually a role that gave me an opportunity to be a little different,” Hart told EW. “I’m filthy, filthy to the point where my language is unacceptable, my opinion is very, I guess you could say, I’m outspoken, but about the wrong topics, … and I have sex in this movie, which is great! I’ve never had sex in a film. And the fact that I’m having sex is going to make me a sex symbol. I see it all. This is a big thing for me. … Ladies, you get to see my side profile!”

Check out our video interview with Hart, below!

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