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Sundance 2013: No retreat, no surrender for Dick Cheney in new doc -- EXCLUSIVE VIDEO


Four years removed from serving two terms as George W. Bush’s powerful and polarizing vice president, Dick Cheney is still capable of sending tremors through the Force, whether it’s the continuation of unprecedented post-9/11 security policies he helped put in place, or movie critics who describe Zero Dark Thirty as a thriller that Cheney would love. While in office, Cheney routinely batted away shrill liberal critics who callously vilified him as some all-powerful Sith Lord manipulating the levers of government from above, but in the new Sundance Film Festival documentary The World According to Dick Cheney, he’s taking questions on the most controversial aspects of his career. Documentary filmmaker R.J. Cutler, who produced the 1993 inside look at Bill Clinton’s presidential campaign, The War Room, sat down with the man Cutler believes is “the most significant non-presidential political figure in our nation’s history.”

But don’t expect any Robert McNamara Fog of War reversals. Cheney may have had a heart transplant last March, but he’s still undeniably Dick Cheney, and his stubborn defiance will likely infuriate his enemies and inspire his supporters. “This is definitely a film that people are going to bring their own political convictions to,” says Cutler. “I’m really not entering from a political point of view; I’m entering from a filmmaking point of view. He himself has said that his vice-presidency was the most consequential and controversial vice-presidency we’ve ever had, so my agenda, if you want to call it that, was to explore who this man is.”

Click below for exclusive footage from the doc’s opening moments. READ FULL STORY

Bernie Madoff and Dick Cheney are the most fascinating showbiz personalities on our screens right now

By now, you may feel you know everything you need to — and maybe more than you want to — about Bernie Madoff and his greedy, sociopathic, evilly brilliant Ponzi scheme of an investment business. But the riveting new documentary Chasing Madoff doesn’t just rehash the depressing details of how Madoff bilked thousands of innocents out of their savings. Instead, the director, Jeff Prosserman, looks at the underlying question that haunted the Madoff scandal. Namely, how did he fool everyone for so long? The answer turns out to be: He didn’t. READ FULL STORY

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