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'Ghostbusters' to get the 'Room 237' treatment in new documentary 'Spook Central'? -- VIDEO

Does Ghostbusters contain secret messages about smoking, obesity, and/or the reproductive process of Sigourney Weaver’s character Dana Barrett? Those theories are raised by a new documentary called Spook Central, which seemingly does for the 1984 comedy classic what the recent, subtext-exploring Room 237 did for Stanley Kubrick’s horror movie The Shining.

Pussy Riot documentary directors talk about the tribulations (and trial) of the art collective-cum-punk band


Last year, Pussy Riot members Nadia Tolokonnikova, Masha Alyokhina, and Katia Samutsevich made expletive-heavy headlines when they were arrested and then imprisoned after the punk band-cum-art collective performed the song “Mother of God, Drive Putin Out” in a Moscow cathedral. The trio’s story is detailed in a new documentary, Pussy Riot: A Punk Prayer, which is screening on HBO, June 10, and seeks to both contextualize the group and humanize the three arrested members, two of whom are still serving out their sentences in penal colonies.


'Blackfish' trailer: Who put the 'killer' in 'killer whale'? -- VIDEO

Sorry, Game of Thrones fans — Blackfish isn’t an in-depth look at the life of Ser Brynden Tully.

Instead, it’s an in-depth look at Tilikum, a bull orca who was born in the wild, captured by humans when he was three years old, and trained to perform at theme parks like Sealand of the Pacific and Orlando’s flagship SeaWorld. He’s best known, though, for being involved in the deaths of three different people — including veteran SeaWorld trainer Dawn Brancheau in 2010.

The trailer combines haunting footage of Dawn and Tilikum with quotes from talking heads who explain how captivity wreaks havoc on orcas — and how these “killer” whales are only killers because they’ve essentially been driven crazy by their living conditions. (So this is why that kid wanted to free Willy.) Overall, Blackfish looks like a marine-themed exposé as fascinating and horrifying as 2009’s The Cove — as well as a film that’ll make you feel really, really bad for ever owning a Shamu stuffed animal.


Check out the new poster for Sundance-screened secret army documentary 'Dirty Wars'


In the new documentary Dirty Wars, investigative journalist and bestselling author Jeremy Scahill details America’s “covert wars,” the rise of the Joint Special Operations Command (which the filmmakers describe as “the most secret fighting force in U.S. history”), and how “unprecedented civilian casualties” around the world have been caused by drone strikes, night raids, and U.S. government-condoned torture. READ FULL STORY

Jon Stewart talks timeless satire and fearful politicians in 'Herblock' documentary -- EXCLUSIVE VIDEO

This week, the documentary
Herblock -- The Black & the White, about the life and legacy of the revered political cartoonist Herbert Block -- who earned three Pulitzers, total editorial control, and the warning "Don't mess with Herb" around The Washington Post newsroom where he spent 55 years -- premieres at the Tribeca Film Festival. It should come as no surprise that it features insights from Daily Show host Jon Stewart. "From the nearly three years it took to assemble the 40-plus interviews that make up [the film]

, we heard from so many how Jon Stewart is an heir in many ways to Herb and his satirical style,” director Michael Stevens tells EW in an email. “When we interviewed Jon — he was our last — he called Herb a ‘touchstone’ for all of those comics, writers and satirists who feel it’s their job to take on the powerful and stick up for the little guy.”

Watch a sneak peek of Stewart below, cut exclusively for EW by Stevens, who’s won four consecutive Emmys for shepherding The Kennedy Center Honors with his producing-partner father, George Stevens, Jr. (a streak that, it’s worth noting, began with the 2009 telecast that included Stewart delivering a benchmark tribute to honoree Bruce Springsteen). READ FULL STORY

Tribeca Film Festival: 'The Director' takes fashion fans behind the scenes of Gucci -- VIDEO

James Franco is a pretty fashionable guy, so it makes sense that he’s involved with the anticipated Tribeca documentary The Director, about Italian fashion house Gucci, which is set to premiere at the annual NYC film fest on April 21.

The Director tells the story of iconic brand under the creative direction of Frida Giannini. The doc covers 18 months behind-the-scenes at Gucci with Giannini, exploring how her unique vision is brought to life in the brand’s models, designs, and shows.

Franco is also one of the documentary’s producers, and also appears in the film. He’s seen in the new trailer readying for one of the ad campaigns he’s shot for the brand.

Check out The Director trailer below.


'Scatter My Ashes at Bergdorf's': Meet the man behind fashion's most famous window displays -- EXCLUSIVE VIDEO


“Being able to shop at Bergdorf-Goodman is an aphrodisiac.” — celebrity stylist Robert Verdi

The one-of-a-kind mecca of materialism at the corner of Manhattan’s 5th Avenue and 58th Street is practically an erotic destination for society’s wealthiest and most stylish personalities. But for other mere mortals, the store’s magnificent window displays are the closest they’ll get to the fabulous designs inside — 1.5 million walk by and gawk each week.

Director Matthew Miele followed David Hoey, Bergdorf-Goodman’s senior director of visual presentation, and his team during their holiday window preparations in 2011 as part of his documentary about the store’s legendary mystique, Scatter My Ashes at Bergdorf’s. “The windows are sort of an embodiment of the personality of the store, the fashion Id of the store, in a way,” says Hoey, who’s been conceiving and creating Bergdorf’s windows for nearly 17 years. “You have to think of three levels of scale. Windows have to look interesting from across the street. Then they have to look good from the sidewalk. But then there’s a whole other layer of interest, which is up close.”

Thanks to his elaborate and artistically thoughtful displays, Hoey is a revered pillar of the New York fashion scene. (Yes, that’s his name on the doc’s poster, above Marc Jacobs and even with Giorgio Armani.) “A good window dresser is really pretending that he’s doing many other professions: You’re doing fashion, you’re doing theater, advertising, and you’re a story-teller,” says Hoey. “On the professional spectrum, window dresser is somewhere between industrial engineer and cake decorator.”

During the course of the year, Hoey supervises the decoration of hundreds of store windows, with the famous holiday displays taking months to prepare. Crowds flock to 5th and 58th the day they’re unveiled, but Hoey isn’t able to bask in the success. “Believe it or not, in my case, I’m thinking about the next year immediately,” he says. “Once they’re revealed, we almost immediately begin the next set. We’re our own harshest critics.”

Click below to see an exclusive scene from Scatter My Ashes at Bergdorf‘s that takes you behind the store’s holiday glass. READ FULL STORY

Tribeca: The National documentary set to open film festival -- Watch the trailer

When the members of indie rock band The National set out on tour, the last thing they expected was for the brother of frontman Matt Berninger to tag along with his camera. But that’s exactly what Tom Berninger did for his directorial debut, Mistaken for Strangers, a “self-mockumentary” that follows the members of band around in every aspect of their lives on tour. From the stage to the shower, Tom spares no expense (or privacy) in his film. He also asks the hard-hitting questions: “How famous do you think you are?” “How fast can you play [the guitar]?” “What kind of drugs and how many drugs have you done?”

The result is a film just as much about Tom’s journey to complete a project as it is about the band. As Tom puts it in the film’s trailer, “I just want to make something good for him [his brother] as well as myself.”

Check out the trailer for Mistaken for Strangers below: READ FULL STORY

Les Blank, filmmaker with an eye and ear for the eccentric, dies at 77

Les Blank, the documentary director who followed fellow filmmaker Werner Herzog to record his devotion to art (Werner Herzog Eats His Shoe in 1979) as well as his exotic descent into obsession (Burden of Dreams in 1982), died Sunday at age 77, according to the The New York Times.

Leslie Harrod Blank Jr.’s own obsessions included a rapturous appreciation of regional music and cuisine, which echoed in a filmography that included The Blues Accordin’ to Lightnin’ Hopkins in 1969; Chicken Real in 1970; Garlic Is as Good as 10 Mothers in 1980; and Ry Cooder And The Moula Banda Rhythm Aces in 1988;. Blank, born in Tampa, Fla. on the eve of Thanksgiving Day 1935, never became a name that would start bidding wars in Hollywood, but his gentle essayist approach made him an anthropologist with the gentle touch of an erudite tour guide.

“I’ve seen a lot of cameramen go in and treat the subjects like so many guinea pigs,” Blank said of his appraoch in 1979. “I think the people pick up on my very protective feelings toward them, and they aren’t self-conscious about what they do or say, and they try to show the inner light about themselves that I find so attractive.”

Morgan Spurlock on One Direction doc: 'More shirtless moments than you can imagine'


Have you seen the trailer for the One Direction documentary, This is Us? Did you want there to be more shirtlessness? Did you want there to be more robots? Then we’re here to bring you a double-shot of good news. In a Twitter Q&A earlier today, director Morgan Spurlock — who once ate so much McDonald’s he became famous — gave more details about the film, which is being released in 3-D on Aug. 30.

To recap: The fivesome all care deeply about one another, all have great hair, and all treat Spurlock as if he were furniture. Will they be wearing shirts in the movie? They’re wild! Shirts are expensive. Music makes family. Who is Spurlock’s favorite guy? That’s one mystery he’ll never tell.

But really, the Q&A speaks for itself:


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