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Check out a terrifying clip from the new horror film 'Frankenstein's Army'


There are a number of Frankenstein-themed films in the pipeline, from the Aaron Eckhart-starring I, Frankenstein to Guillermo del Toro’s long-gestating adaptation of Mary Shelley’s classic novel. But in terms of sheer out-and-out derangement, it’s hard to imagine any of these projects topping Frankenstein’s Armywhich is in select cinemas and available on VOD beginning July 26.

Set in Europe during World War II, this found-footage film concerns a battalion of Russian soldiers who find themselves battling a group of half-man, half-machine “zombots” created by the great-great-grandson of Baron von Frankenstein. Directed by Richard Raaphorst and starring Karel Roden (Hellboy) as the Baron’s insane descendant, the result has to be seen to be believed. Those with a strong stomach can check out an exclusive clip below. READ FULL STORY

Check out a gruesome clip from the new horror film, 'Cockneys vs Zombies'


There is a saying in Britain: “It does exactly what it says on the tin.” This colloquialism derives from ’90s-era TV ads for a brand of quick-drying woodstain — which did indeed prominently feature the phrase “quick-drying woodstain” on the tins — but could equally apply to the new U.K. horror film, Cockneys vs Zombies. Starring Harry Treadaway (The Lone Ranger), Michelle Ryan (Bionic Woman), Alan Ford (Snatch), Tony Gardner (The Thick of It) and the late, great British TV icon Richard Briers, the movie finds a group of London-living folks facing off against a bunch of ghouls who aren’t technically “living” at all.

Directed by Matthias Hoene, Cockneys vs Zombies arrives in select cinemas on Aug. 2 and will also be available on VOD. But you can see an exclusive — and gruesome — scene below. READ FULL STORY

'The Conjuring 2' already in development


Director James Wan’s new horror movie The Conjuring doesn’t open until later this week, but New Line is already developing a sequel to the film, which stars Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga as real-life paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren. Earlier Tuesday, Variety reported that Conjuring writers Carey and Chad Hayes were onboard to pen the sequel. A spokesperson for Warner Bros., with which New Line merged in 2008, confirmed to EW that a sequel is in development.

Director Larry Fessenden talks about his monster-fish movie 'Beneath' and its 'black humor'


In the new monster movie Beneath, a group of boat-trapped teens are menaced by a giant fish — although, as things go from bad to worse to whatever-comes-after-worse, it becomes clear the real monsters are the kids themselves rather than their piscine predator.

“That’s the point of the film!” laughs Beneath director Larry Fessenden, whose previous credits include 2001′s Wendigo and 2006′s The Last Winter. “That’s a little bit about my obsession that people have been parenting wrong. I tried to show some compassion for the characters, but they’re all just in for themselves and it leads to a bad end. The fish is just doing what he does!”

Starring Daniel Zovatto, Bonnie Dennison, and Mark Margolis (a.k.a. Tio Salamanca from Breaking Bad), Beneath is now playing in select cinemas (including New York’s IFC Center) and is available on VOD. The movie will be screened on Chiller TV this fall.

Larry Fessenden talks much more about Beneath below.

Elijah Wood horror-comedy 'Cooties' starts shooting next week

Regular readers of will know Elijah Wood recently enthused to yours truly about his upcoming horror-comedy, Cooties, which the Wilfred and Lord of the Rings star described as concerning “a zombie virus which effects pre-puberty children.” Well, on Friday, it was announced principal photography on the film will begin in the Los Angeles area on Monday.

Cooties is being directed by the commercial-directing team HONEST (aka Jonathan Milott and Cary Murnion) and co-stars Alison Pill, Rainn Wilson, Jack McBrayer, Jorgé Garcia, Nasim Pedrad, and Insidious writer Leigh Whannell, who penned the script with Glee co-creator Ian Brennan.

'Curse of Chucky' trailer: 'It's a doll. What's the worst that can happen?'

There’s double the Dourifs in the new horror sequel Curse of Chucky which, it has been announced, will be released on Blu-ray and DVD, October 8. While the great Brad Dourif will once again voice the film’s titular, possessed, and extremely homicidal doll the film’s (other) lead role will be played by his daughter Fiona (True Blood). According to the official synopsis this sixth movie in the series which began with 1988′s Child’s Play “finds a family imperiled by the murderous doll that launched a generation’s nightmares—determined to finish a job that was started long ago.” The film is written and directed by Don Mancini, who has penned every film in the franchise.

In addition, Montreal’s Fantasia International Film Festival announced today that it will host the world premiere of Curse of Chucky. Other newly announced films on the Fantasia schedule include the Zoë Bell-starring Raze and Zombie Hunter, which features a ghoul-battling Danny Trejo.

The Fantasia International Film Festival runs from July 18-August 6. You can check out the new trailer for Curse of Chucky below. READ FULL STORY

Catch a glimpse of the creature from Larry Fessenden's new monster movie 'Beneath' -- EXCLUSIVE VIDEO


This month, indie-horror auteur Larry Fessenden returns from a 7-year big screen directing hiatus with his latest terrorfest. Titled Beneath, the film concerns a small boat occupied by a group of teenagers and a large monster occupied with the idea of eating them for dinner.


'The World's End': Learn all about infamous Newton Haven pub crawl in fake tourism video


Here at Entertainment Weekly we’re as keen as anyone that people drink responsibly. Yet we also want you to check out a tourism video for the British burg of Newton Haven and its highly irresponsible invitation to try the town’s infamous Golden Mile pub crawl. (“One mile! 12 pubs!”)

Why? Because Newton Haven is actually the fictitious setting for director Edgar Wright’s sci-fi comedy The World’s End, which stars Simon Pegg, Nick Frost, Martin Freeman, and Rosamund Pike, and arrives in cinemas Aug. 23.

You can check out the clip below.

'The Conjuring': The real-life haunted family speaks in spooky new trailer


Folks who read last week’s Entertainment Weekly article about paranormal investigator Lorraine Warren will be familiar with the story of the Perron family, who claim they spent a decade living in a haunted farmhouse in Rhode Island and whose story is detailed in new horror film, The Conjuring. Now you can see and hear the Perrons talk about their experiences in the movie’s new trailer.


'Game of Thrones'-inspired trailer for New York Asian Film Festival promises, blood, lust, and Bruce Lee -- EXCLUSIVE VIDEO

What would Game of Thrones look like if it featured less less wedding day unpleasantness and Peter Dinklage and more weird bathing scenes and Bruce Lee? The answer is to be found in the new, GoT-inspired trailer for the New York Asian Film Festival which kicks off tonight at Manhattan’s Walter Reade Theater with the world premiere of the Hong Kong horror omnibus, Tales From the Dark Part 1. Other festival highlights include Cantopop documentary The Great War, a retrospective showcasing the work of South Korean actor Ryoo Seung Beom (including his new movie, The Berlin File), and a 40th anniversary screening of the classic, Bruce Lee-starring Enter the Dragon.


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