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'Veronica Mars' returns: Rob Thomas, Kristen Bell on reshoots and the future of the franchise

When Veronica Mars opens on March 14, the fans that gave $5.7 million to fund the Kickstarter-financed big screen revival of the cult TV fave starring Kristen Bell will see every dollar on screen. They’ll also see a few pennies donated by the studio that owns the property and will be releasing the movie, too.

Last October, following a test screening, Warner Bros. (which is releasing Veronica Mars via its digital distribution division) agreed to pay for an additional day of shooting. Some people at the screening were confused by a subplot involving Veronica’s private investigator father Keith Mars (Enrico Calantoni) and its connection to the film’s central mystery, which concerns the murder of a pop star.

In December, Thomas shot two scenes with Bell and Calantoni to clarify the plot. These new moments allowed Thomas to fulfill a couple other desires, too, like depicting Veronica’s hometown of Neptune as a place marked by social injustice, stark class division, and corruption, which were key themes of the series. One of the new scenes involves Veronica and Keith witnessing Neptune cops executing a dubious stop-and-frisk. “For a town that didn’t have much of a middle class in the TV series, there was a lot of middle class in the movie, and I wanted to correct that,” says Thomas. “I wanted people to understand there was a dark side of Neptune, and I felt like we never saw any of that.” READ FULL STORY

Sundance 2013: Kristen Bell on 'The Lifeguard' and working while pregnant - EXCLUSIVE PHOTO

Kristen Bell may be petite in person, but she packs a mighty wallop on screen, both as an acerbic comedic actress whose words can sweetly cut you, and as just a smart gal a lot of girls, and women, can look up to.

In The Lifeguard, premiering at this year’s Sundance Film Festival in the U.S. Dramatic Competition category, Bell takes a darker turn, playing a woman who quits her reporter job in New York and returns to where she grew up in Connecticut, taking a job as a lifeguard and falling into a dangerous relationship with a teenager. Check out this exclusive image of Bell, above, from the film. If her sullen expression is any indication, she’s settled into the doldrums, a purgatory stage of life with hints of The Graduate.

The star of TV’s Veronica Mars and now Showtime’s House of Lies chatted with EW about her great chemistry with The Lifeguard‘s first-time feature film director Liz W. Garcia, what it’s like filming House of Lies while pregnant (she’s due in the spring), and her reign as Gossip Girl‘s saucy narrator coming to an end with the conclusion of the six-season series. R.I.P!

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Describe your role in The Lifeguard and working with Liz Garcia. The premise seems to have certain similarities to The Graduate, in terms of someone trying to find themselves, albeit with darker consequences.
KRISTEN BELL: I had been looking for something that I felt spoke to me of someone going through a metamorphosis. I find change so interesting. I love Liz’s writing. She wrote this phenomenal script, One Percent More Human, that was set up numerous times, and she had plans for that to be her directorial debut with Kristen Stewart and Evan Rachel Wood, and then she got pregnant. She ended up pushing it, so The Lifeguard was her first movie. She doesn’t steer away from sexuality, which most female writers do. There’s a tenderness, which makes it clear she’s a female writer. The idea of what do you do when you get stuck somewhere in your life is what appealed to me. READ FULL STORY

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