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Matthew McConaughey braves the unknown in 'Interstellar' poster

Much of Interstellar may still be shrouded in mystery, but one thing is clear: Matthew McConaughey’s engineer is front and center on a venture into space to save Earth.


The three best heist films, according to 'Drive Hard' director Brian Trenchard-Smith


There’s only one director who can claim to have introduced the world to Nicole Kidman (in 1983’s BMX Bandits) and directed two Leprechaun films (1995’s Leprechaun 3 and 1997’s Leprechaun 4: In Space). That director’s name? Brian Trenchard-Smith.


Best of 2011: Top movie box office and DVD sales


This year was all about a boy wizard, a Bumblebee, and a sparklevamp. Joining Harry, Sam, and Edward in 2011’s box office toppers were two groups of wedding-oriented train wrecks, several superheroes, and a bunch of upstart Southern domestics. Over in DVDs, a couple instances of horse power and some evil geniuses joined the fray. So which films topped the box-0ffice? Click through to see 2011’s most popular movies. READ FULL STORY

AMC bringing back 'Inception,' 'Fast Five,' 'Star Trek' in IMAX for one week only -- starting today

INCEPTIONImage Credit: Stephen VaughanFeeling disoriented from this image of Inception — at a key moment when logic and proportion had fallen sloppy dead? That’s not good enough! AMC Theatres want you to relive the in-theater experience of Inception — along with Fast Five and Star Trek — in IMAX on the cheap. They’ll be offering all three titles in IMAX for just $7 for the next week. (Sept. 30 through Oct. 6.) Get in on that action here. I’d forgotten how much the Star Trek poster looks like a relatively benign ghost.

It just started raining in Los Angeles for the first time since June. This siren call to spend the entire weekend at the movies can’t be a coincidence….

Oh wait, of course it can, because L.A. is not the center of the universe!

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Warner Bros. adds 'Inception,' 'Harry Potter' to Facebook rentals

Starting today at 1 p.m. ET, The Dark Knight won’t be the only Warner Bros. title available for rental on Facebook. The next five titles included in the studio’s experiment are InceptionHarry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, Life as We Know It, and Yogi Bear. “We’re pleased to expand our test with a variety of titles that will appeal to a broad audience,” Thomas Gewecke, President of Warner Bros. Digital Distribution, said in the announcement. “These titles have substantial followings on Facebook. The Fan Pages for Harry Potter and Inception alone are two of the most popular and active communities on the site.” In care you’re curious: Inception has more than 6 million Facebook fans, while Life As We Know It, the Katherine Heigl-Josh Duhamel rom-com, has 214,766, and Yogi Bear has 161,031.

Oscars 2011: Director Troy Miller talks about making last night's opening spoof movie

hathaway-franco-oscar-spoofDirector Troy Miller has a long list of comedy credits, from Flight of the Conchords to Parks and Recreation to Mr Show. But there’s no doubt Miller’s most viewed work has been his Academy Awards opening montages spoofing the nominated films. Last night’s opening spoof, starring hosts James Franco and Anne Hathaway (along with Alec Baldwin and Morgan Freeman), was in fact his sixth for the awards. EW spoke to the director about getting Morgan Freeman to bring the funny and what it was like to do “covers” of Inception, True Grit, and The Social Network. READ FULL STORY

'Inception' cinematographer on 3-D DVD: 'It's just not something I'm that interested in'

Wally-PfisterImage Credit: A.M.P.A.S.While some filmmakers accept 3-D as the inevitable next step — heck, even old-school Martin Scorsese is dabbling in the technology with Hugo Cabret — some of today’s top directors are still holding out. Take Christopher Nolan, whose Inception would seem tailor-made for three dimensions. (Just imagine that Paris cityscape folding on top of you.) Yet Nolan, who still insists on shooting on film rather than video, has complained about the limitations of shooting 3-D, and he has no wish to turn The Dark Knight Rises into a 3-D spectacle. Though Nolan was silent over the weekend, his Oscar-winning cinematographer, Wally Pfister, addressed the subject backstage at the Academy Awards. “I’m personally not a big 3-D fan. It doesn’t really work for me. READ FULL STORY

Marion Cotillard joins 'The Dark Knight Rises': report

marion-cottilardImage Credit: Toby Canham/Getty ImagesOscar-winner Marion Cotillard (La Vie en Rose) is reuniting with her Inception director, Christopher Nolan, for The Dark Knight Rises, according to People. Though it’s unclear what role she will be playing, the pregnant actress — who’s expecting in April — joins a cast that already includes Christian Bale, Michael Caine, Morgan Freeman, Gary Oldman, and newcomers Anne Hathaway and Tom Hardy.

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'Inception' and 'Social Network' win at WGA Awards

C. Flanigan/

Inception and The Social Network both won at tonight’s Writers Guild of America Awards. Christopher Nolan won the best original screenplay category for Inception while Aaron Sorkin was the victor in the best adapted screenplay category for The Social Network, which is adapted from the book The Accidental Billionaires. Winners in the television categories included Mad Men (Drama Series), Modern Family (Comedy Series), and Boardwalk Empire (New Series). Charles Ferguson, Chad Beck, and Adam Bolt also picked up a trophy for their doc, Inside Job (Documentary Screenplay).

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'Black Swan,' 'True Grit,' 'TRON: Legacy' land Costume Design Guild award nominations

The Costume Designers Guild announced the nominees for their 13th annual awards today, separating them into three categories — contemporary, period, and fantasy film — among 11 nominees, including awards season regulars like Black Swan, The Social Network, The Fighter, and The King’s Speech. Here’s the full list of nominees:  READ FULL STORY

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