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Jennifer Aniston, Jessica Chastain, more react to Oscar snubs


Like every year, there were a number of actors noticeably absent from this year’s Oscars nomineesand like every year, people are asking them about it.


Nine things everyone could be talking about after the Oscar nominations

After Chris Pine and Academy president Cheryl Boone Isaacs announce this year’s Oscar nominations Thursday morning, those who have been following this year’s race will have a lot to talk about. Will Boyhood be unstoppable? Did Selma get the attention it deserves? Which actor is crying into his cereal? Have you seen Cake yet?

In advance of tomorrow’s big announcement, here are nine things that everyone could be talking about after the Oscar nominations.  READ FULL STORY

Jennifer Aniston on her Globes nom: 'I'm just humbled'


Jennifer Aniston has been to the Golden Globes before. In fact, she took home a top prize in 2003. But that Best Actress win was for her role as Rachel Green, the Friends character that made Aniston one of the most famous and beloved actresses on the planet. In Cake, the small indie that earned her a Best Actress in a Drama nomination this morning, people might not even recognize her.

Aniston plays Claire, an angry, scar-faced woman who suffers from chronic pain that drives her to irritable and irrational extremes. When a member of her chronic-pain group (Anna Kendrick) commits suicide, she finds herself drawn into the shattered life of the widower (Sam Worthington). To see Aniston tackle such an unglamorous role—she eschewed makeup and wore a backbrace to limit Claire’s movement—that so contradicts the America’s Sweetheart image, evokes the reaction of audiences when Mary Tyler Moore played an unfeeling mother in Ordinary People. “Daniel Barnz the director has said that, and it’s what I’m so grateful and thankful for about him, that he did sort of take the chance,” says Aniston. “I begged and pleaded and promised I would go to the moon and back with him. It was an unexpected way to go and he believed in me.”

Aniston has played against type before, like in 2002’s The Good Girl. But her role in Cake, which debuted at the Toronto Film Festival, was beyond anything she’d tackled in that regard before. Normally, when you hire Jennifer Aniston for a movie, you want “Jennifer Aniston”—her famous face, her smile, her hair. Aniston had bumped into those superficial demands before, recently in Horrible Bosses. “I wanted [Dr. Julia] to have long dark hair, like Brigitte Bardot but brunette. And they were saying, ‘But they’re not going to know who you are,'” she says. “But obviously in this case, that was not an issue. We made it for $3 and we were just this little movie that could. We were focused on portraying her as honestly and truthfully as it possibly could be told. Making it bulletproof. And for me, as an actor it was such a great exercise in my craft. Being able to sort of mine a character and unearth her.”

Aniston, who also was nominated for Best Actress by the Screen Actors Guild, has now elbowed her way into the Oscar conversation. Cake will get a qualifying run later this month and open more widely on Jan. 23. “I’m just humbled,” she says. “It’s just all happening so fast and so beautifully. The Globes are a big fun party and it’s so fun to celebrate with your peers. My friend Emily [Blunt] is nominated so I’m excited for her. We’re just going to have a fun night.”

Jennifer Aniston chases pills with wine in 'Cake' trailer


Jennifer Aniston is obsessed with Anna Kendrick in Cakebut not for the usual reasons.

Aniston’s character, Claire, has a problem with chronic pain and fixes that problem by taking pills. A lot of pills. She joins a therapy group full of others who experience chronic pain and becomes entranced with investigating one of the former group members, Nina (Anna Kendrick), who committed suicide. READ FULL STORY

Jennifer Aniston's 'Cake' to hit some theaters in December


Moviegoers will get to see Jennifer Aniston’s dramatic role in Cake sooner rather than later: The film, which debuted at this year’s Toronto Film Festival, will have a one-week qualifying run in December before expanding in January.

Aniston’s Cake character is the victim of a car crash who develops a drug habit and joins a support group for chronic pain. She soon becomes obsessed with the suicide of one of the other group members and spends her time investigating the death along with the deceased’s widower (Sam Worthington). READ FULL STORY

Jennifer Aniston tries to buy drugs in Mexico in 'Cake' clip


In a departure from the sexy boss and stripper-disguised-as-mom roles that Jennifer Aniston has played of late, the drama film Cake has Aniston playing Claire, a woman who’s hopped up on meds after a car crash that renders her in constant and chronic pain. Wallowing in self-pity and painkillers, the depressed and bitter Claire finds solace in investigating the death of Nina (Anna Kendrick), a woman from Claire’s chronic pain support group who commits suicide.

In a clip below, watch Aniston try to procure drugs in Mexico with loyal housekeeper Silvana (Adriana Barraza).

Shlocky charms: The crazy rise and 'terrifying' return of 'Leprechaun'

How did a low budget horror movie about a diminutive Irish monster spawn five sequels, a new reboot, and the career of Jennifer Aniston? EW tracks the deranged history of the Leprechaun franchise.

British actor Warwick Davis says he has “specific” fans—well-wishers who want to discuss just one of the several fantasy franchises in which he has appeared. “People talk about Star Wars, people talk about Harry Potter,” he explains, “and people talk about Leprechaun.


Video: 'Horrible Bosses' trio returns in sequel trailer #TurnDownForWhat


The boys of Horrible Bosses are back, and they’re not happy.

Nick (Jason Bateman), Dale (Charlie Day), and Kurt (Jason Sudeikis) decide to be their own bosses after the traumatizing events of the first film, but when an investor pulls out of their business venture, the trio resorts to extreme measures once more by kidnapping the investor’s son (Chris Pine) for ransom.

Jennifer Aniston, Jamie Foxx, and Kevin Spacey also reprise their roles in the Sean Anders-directed pic.

Check out the spot below: READ FULL STORY

'Life Of Crime': Jennifer Aniston's kidnapping goes wrong in new trailer -- VIDEO

Jennifer Aniston is starring in a new film based on Elmore Leonard’s novel The Switch — which also happens to be the title of an unrelated rom-com she starred in with Jason Bateman in 2010. (That film was originally called The Baster; the name was changed due to poor testing.) Thanks to that, the new movie has been retitled Life Of Crime. And it has nothing to do with artificial insemination — or at least, we think it doesn’t.


Casting Net: Jennifer Aniston in talks for 'Mean Moms'; Plus, Will Smith, Tina Fey, more

• Jennifer Aniston is reportedly in talks to star in Mean Moms, an upcoming New Line pic based on Rosalind Wiseman‘s book about parenting. TV-vet Beth McCarthy-Miller, who recently directed The Sound of Music Live, is set to direct the comedy, which is reportedly scripted in the vein of Mean Girls (also based on one of Wiseman’s books). The story follows a mother who moves to a fancy suburb from a small town and is suddenly pitted against an army of hypercompetitive parents. [The Wrap] READ FULL STORY

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