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Paula Patton, Kate Beckinsale to announce Golden Globe nominees

The Hollywood Foreign Press Association has announced the quartet of actors who will be on hand to reveal the nominees for the 72nd Golden Globes. READ FULL STORY

'Entourage' movie: 'It's a go,' tweets Doug Ellin

Just two days ago, Entourage creator Doug Ellin seemed pessimistic about the future of HBO and Warner Bros.’s Entourage movie — which was greenlit back in January, then delayed, allegedly because all its stars wanted to be paid as much as Jeremy Piven. When a fan asked Ellin via Twitter to give a hint as to when the movie was coming, Ellin replied with a wistful “if only I knew.”

What a difference 24 hours make! Last night, word broke that after months of uncertainty, the movie is finally, definitely happening. (Presumably, hugging it out played a role.)

The news was actually first announced by Jerry Ferrara, who played street smart driver Turtle on the comedy:


Casting Net: Paul Reiser cast as Miles Teller's father; Plus, Ed Westwick as a vampire?, Kaley Cuoco, more

• After being subjected to an absentee father in the form of Kyle Chandler in The Spectacular Now, there’s a new dad in Miles Teller‘s life.  Paul Reiser has signed on to writer-director Damien Chazelle’s Whiplash, the feature version of his Sundance-winning short, which is expected to begin shooting in the next few weeks. The Aliens actor recently appeared in Steven Soderbergh’s Behind the Candelabra and is currently filming the comedy Life After Beth, starring Aubrey Plaza, Anna Kendrick, and Dane DeHaan. [THR]


Casting Net: Charlie Hunnam aiming to join Emma Stone in 'Crimson Peak.' Plus: Michael Gambon and Alfred Molina to play a couple

Charlie Hunnam is in talks to topline Crimson Peak, director Guillermo del Toro‘s follow-up to his upcoming film with the Sons of Anarchy star, this summer’s Pacific RimEmma Stone is also in talks to star in what’s being described as a haunted house film, though plot details are being kept hush hush. Del Toro and Lucinda Coxon (Wild Target) are re-writing the script Del Toro wrote with Matthew Robbins (MimicDon’t Be Afraid of the Dark). [Variety / Variety]

• Michael Gambon and Alfred Molina will star in Love is Strange, about a longstanding couple who suddenly have to live apart after they get married in New York City. Ira Sachs (Keeps the Lights On) will direct from a script he penned with Mauricio Zacharias (Keep the Lights On). [Deadline]

• Jeremy PivenRay Liotta, and Juno Temple have joined the expanding cast of Sin City: A Dame to Kill For, which includes returning actors Mickey RourkeJessica Alba, Rosario DawsonJamie King, and Michael Madsen, and newbies Joseph Gordon-LevittJosh Brolin, Dennis Haysbert, and Jamie Chung. As was the case with 2005’s Sin CityRobert Rodriguez and Frank Miller are sharing directing and screenplay duties. [Deadline]

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'Entourage' as a movie: A very good idea, and here's some advice for it

entourageImage Credit: Claudette Barius/HBO; Jeff Cravitz/FilmMagic.comIf you scoured the globe, I’m not sure that you’d find a more avid fan of Entourage than yours truly. To me, it’s the rare series that’s highly praised and, in an odd way, underrated. (By now, of course, it’s also become fashionable to knock it.)  The praise, which usually comes thick and fast (just like the show), is for all the right reasons. So, on occasion, is the criticism (like the spitballs hurled at the fact that the entire last season was organized so that the fate of nations seemed to be hanging on whether E would ever win Sloan back). So why would I say that Entourage is underrated? Because as a series that leads with its glib comic edge (in contrast to, say, the voluptuous high drama of The Sopranos or Mad Men), it is often thought of, even by its fans, as a light, cool, tasty, yet slightly disreputable pleasure: a perfect fluffy-naughty dessert. Entourage is the definition of “clever” — a word that can mean funny and whip-smart but that also carries an undercurrent of facile. The show is a celebration of the bad behavior of overgrown boys, something that doesn’t, to put it mildly, tend to get a lot of respect these days, even from those of us who enjoy it. Besides, the episodes are so damn short, who could possibly take them seriously?

To me, though, when Entourage is really zinging, what it evokes, more than anything, is the Hollywood comedies of the studio-system era – those movies, like His Girl Friday or Sullivan’s Travels, that were so lightning-fast and bedazzling in their repartee that they left you breathless. Okay, maybe Turtle is no Cary Grant (though Jerry Ferrara’s line readings have a wicked Neanderthal perfection), but what I’m saying is that if you look past the aura of the show, its infotainment gossip-raunch mystique, perhaps nothing in contemporary scripted comedy over the last 30 years has come as close to that spirit and speed, that tossed-off manic insouciance, as Entourage has. When the killer-sharp lines are flying back and forth like arrows in Ari’s office, I always imagine that Ben Hecht and Preston Sturges are watching up there in screwball-comedy heaven, and smiling. (I will, of course, be mocked for saying this, but I stand by it.) READ FULL STORY

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