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Kristen Bell, Fred Armisen to host Independent Spirit Awards

Kristen Bell and Fred Armisen are set to host the Independent Spirit Awards, an annual show that honors achievements in independent film. The ceremony will air Feb. 21 at 2 p.m. PT on IFC with its first-ever live broadcast.

This year’s nominees for Best Film include Birdman (which leads the pack with six nominations total), Boyhood, Selma, and Whiplash. Past winners of the prize include 12 Years a Slave in 2014 and Silver Linings Playbook in 2013.

'Veronica Mars' Blu-ray extra: Go on set with Veronica and Logan -- EXCLUSIVE VIDEO


Not even two months after the Kickstarter-backed Veronica Mars movie hit theaters, it’s already on Blu-ray and DVD. And EW has an exclusive extra from the release, which takes you behind the scenes of the unprecedented film for a chat with Veronica (Kristen Bell) and Logan (Jason Dohring).

Fun fact: Kristen did Jason’s makeup to save money and time. OK, we’re pretty sure Dohring made that one up, but the pair discuss the project’s breakneck speed and lay some much-deserved praise on director Rob Thomas. Check it out below: READ FULL STORY

'Veronica Mars' premiere, On the Scene: Who's your favorite character? -- POLL

On March 13, 2013, Kristen Bell and Rob Thomas asked Veronica Mars fans if they’d like to see the gone-too-soon TV series hit the big screen. Just one day shy of a year later, that film became a reality at Wednesday night’s Hollywood premiere of Veronica Mars at the TCL Chinese Theatre.

While the path from cult TV show to Kickstarter-backed film might have seemed far-fetched, Bell never had any doubt that the movie, in theaters Friday, would be made. “I felt in my bones that there would be some incarnation of her,” Bell said on the red carpet of her teenage private eye. “I certainly didn’t know that it would be like this, [that it] would go as smoothly as it has, that was certainly a surprise. But I’ve learned: Don’t ever underestimate a Veronica Mars fan. It’s not in your best interest.”

One of the things Marshmallows (the über-generous and gooey-sweet fans of Veronica Mars) have always loved about the franchise is the blurred line between where Kristen ends and Veronica begins. “This is the most effortless character I’ve ever played,” Bell said. “I’m 100 percent present when I play Veronica, and sometimes [in other roles] I’m 5 percent actor, understandably. But Veronica is very similar to who I am. I’m not as outwardly snarky, but I’m often thinking it.”

But Veronica is just one of the series’ beloved characters, so we asked the cast (and creator Rob Thomas) to name their favorite character outside of their own. (Spoiler: Dick is a cast favorite.) READ FULL STORY

SXSW: Marshmallows unite at 'Veronica Mars'


Seven years and a famous Kickstarter campaign in the making, Veronica Mars finally made its grand jump from small to big screen on Saturday afternoon at the SXSW festival. Rob Thomas’ movie, brisk and fun and full of throwback love to the cult series, opens with Kristen Bell’s Veronica leaving a thriving life in New York City when her forever flame Logan (Jason Dohring, fine as ever) is suspected of murder. Her trip home to Neptune, Calif., coincides with her high school’s 10-year reunion, an event she’d penciled in years ago to studiously avoid. For fans of the series—and if you’ve never indulged, you’ve got a delightful binge ahead of you—it was a joy to see the old gang back together. The great folks behind Wallace, Dick, Weevil, Mac, Piz, Madison, Deputy Leo, and Best Dad Ever Keith Mars were all in Austin to celebrate, and treated the enthusiastic audience to a loose Q&A after the screening.

“This is such an extra special experience because it’s so humbling to know that the reason we’re here is because of you guys and because of all of our Kickstarter friends,” said Bell. In a humble nod to Kickstarter fans’ generous support, Chris Lowell (Piz) said, “I’m just shocked that I’m either on this stage or in the film. I thought I was going to have to be the $10,000 backer to have a speaking line.” When one fan asked Thomas, the man behind both the TV show and movie, when we might expect a stage version of  Veronica Mars, the director joked, “I’m working on the book for the musical right now.”

Of all the afternoon’s adorable moments, none topped Enrico Colantoni’s (Keith) response to being asked how it felt to reunite with on-screen daughter Veronica after all this time. “She was this big, and then she was this big,” Colantoni said of Bell, gesturing to chest height and then chin height. “But like any parent will tell, it doesn’t matter how old they get, you still can’t not look at them like they were”—he paused, to lower his hand back down—”this big.” And then Veronica and her Dad—yeah, yeah, yeah, you may know them as Bell and Colantoni—had this very dear, slightly teary hug. Marshmallow melt.

'Frozen': Kristen Bell and Santino Fontana perform 'Love is an Open Door' -- VIDEO

Frozen won two Oscars on Sunday night, including the big one for Best Animated Film. The hit song “Let It Go” also picked up the statue for Best Original Song after Idina Menzel sang it beautifully for the Dolby Theatre’s audience. Her vocal co-star Kristen Bell co-presented the Academy’s sci-tech awards with Michael B. Jordan — but if you wanted to hear and see her sing, there’s still an opportunity.

On Feb. 9, most of the film’s cast gathered for a “live cabaret” through Frozen‘s hit soundtrack. Some of the event’s best bits still haven’t been seen publicly — but thanks to Disney Movies Anywhere, the Mouse’s new cloud-based digital movie service, there’s now video of Bell and Santino Fontana, who played the devious Hans, bantering back and forth as they perform “Love is an Open Door.”

Click below for a clip: READ FULL STORY

'Veronica Mars' movie: Watch the first two minutes now! -- VIDEO

“The new me? People say I’m a marshmallow.”

So ends the first two minutes of the upcoming Veronica Mars movie, which hits theaters in exactly two weeks. The line is the perfect shout-out to the 91,000-plus Marshmallows (translation: Veronica Mars fans) who shelled out their hard-earned money to get the film made through a record-setting Kickstarter campaign.

The opening sequence serves as a refresher for those die-hards and an introduction for anyone who didn’t watch the TV show’s three seasons. “A teenage private eye — I know how dumb that sounds,” Veronica (Kristen Bell) says in a voice-over at the start of the clip, poking fun at the TV show’s concept. She then leads us through her rocky (and epic) relationship with Logan Echolls, saying their shared “rage and distrust” following the season 1 murder of Lilly Kane drew them together and ultimately tore them apart (hopefully not for long).

Watch the video below at your own risk — I don’t know about you, but this just made it tougher to wait two weeks for the whole thing. READ FULL STORY

'Veronica Mars' returns: Rob Thomas, Kristen Bell on reshoots and the future of the franchise

When Veronica Mars opens on March 14, the fans that gave $5.7 million to fund the Kickstarter-financed big screen revival of the cult TV fave starring Kristen Bell will see every dollar on screen. They’ll also see a few pennies donated by the studio that owns the property and will be releasing the movie, too.

Last October, following a test screening, Warner Bros. (which is releasing Veronica Mars via its digital distribution division) agreed to pay for an additional day of shooting. Some people at the screening were confused by a subplot involving Veronica’s private investigator father Keith Mars (Enrico Calantoni) and its connection to the film’s central mystery, which concerns the murder of a pop star.

In December, Thomas shot two scenes with Bell and Calantoni to clarify the plot. These new moments allowed Thomas to fulfill a couple other desires, too, like depicting Veronica’s hometown of Neptune as a place marked by social injustice, stark class division, and corruption, which were key themes of the series. One of the new scenes involves Veronica and Keith witnessing Neptune cops executing a dubious stop-and-frisk. “For a town that didn’t have much of a middle class in the TV series, there was a lot of middle class in the movie, and I wanted to correct that,” says Thomas. “I wanted people to understand there was a dark side of Neptune, and I felt like we never saw any of that.” READ FULL STORY

'Frozen' star Idina Menzel to perform 'Let It Go' at Oscars

Singer/actress Idina Menzel will perform “Let it Go” from the Disney smash hit Frozen during the Oscars, ABC announced Tuesday, leaving no doubt that the film’s best-selling soundtrack has earned its place in pop culture history.

The animated fairy tale Frozen is up for two Oscar nominations. “Let it Go,” the flick’s theme song,  is a nominee in the Best Original Song Category alongside “Happy” (from Despicable Me 2), “Ordinary Love” (Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom) and “The Moon Song” (Her). READ FULL STORY

'Veronica Mars' trailer: 'Original enough for ya?'


Veronica Mars has moved on. Ten years after graduating from high school, she’s a promising New York attorney with a serious boyfriend. Her days of playing Nancy Drew over. But that alone would be a horrible waste of $5.7 million in Kickstarter funds.

In the first trailer for the big-screen Mars movie, Kristen Bell’s Veronica is drawn back to Neptune to prove that Logan didn’t kill his girlfriend. Conveniently, the mystery coincides with her class’s 10th reunion, so all her friends and frenemies are in town to pick up where they left off.

Beware, there is some catch-phrasing. And some smoldering. READ FULL STORY

'Veronica Mars' movie gets a release date; plus, watch a clip! -- EXCLUSIVE


On March 13, 2013, Veronica Mars creator Rob Thomas asked fans of the acclaimed, gone-too-soon teen detective drama starring Kristen Bell to Kickstart a big screen revival. Fitting, then, that Marshmallow Nation will get to see what their $5.7 million paid for on the one year anniversary of the groundbreaking fundraising campaign: In an exclusive interview, Thomas tells EW that Warner Bros. will release the movie — simply titled Veronica Mars — on March 14, 2014. “Warner Bros. had this date circled for quite some time and hoped it would stay open,” Thomas tells EW. “Luckily, no other teen detective movie decided to open in the middle of March.”

The original distribution plan called for Veronica Mars to get a limited engagement run in just a few cities before becoming more widely available via video on demand and other digital platforms. But Thomas reports that Warner Bros. will now give the film a wider, nationwide release (number of screens still TBD) and let the marketplace decide how long it should stay in theaters. “We’re not going to dribble it out there,” says Thomas, who shot the movie in 23 days this past summer. He is currently finishing the special effects and putting together a soundtrack. Thomas also reports that a recent test audience screening went very well. “There are smart ways to do a movie of this size — and we chose none of them,” he says with a laugh. “We are a low budget movie with big set pieces and 60 speaking roles. A murder mystery in a house would have been more cost effective. But I think we have managed to pull it off.”

In the movie, Veronica returns to her hometown of Neptune, California, after 10 years away to aid former flame Logan (Jason Dohring), who has been accused of killing his pop star girlfriend. The original cast is back, including Enrico Colantoni as Veronica’s father and Tina Majorino and Percy Daggs III as Veronica’s best friends Mac and Wallace. Fans will see many other of their favorite characters, too, because after all: “10 years away” = 10 year high school reunion. See a sneak peek of the big event — movie and reunion — below:

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