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Cannes Film Festival shocked by 'We Need to Talk About Kevin,' horror tale of parental nightmare

We Need To Talk About Kevin has delivered a gut-punch to the Cannes Film Festival.

The movie, about a mother (Tilda Swinton) grappling with the aftershocks of a school massacre perpetrated by her sociopathic son, played like an early-morning waking nightmare at the start of the movie gathering’s second day. It earned raves, deeply affecting critics, and stirring predictions that it would claim the festival’s Palme d’Or grand prize before most of the rest of the screenings had a chance to play.

It’s hard to describe We Need To Talk About Kevin simply as a drama – director Lynne Ramsay’s film gets under the skin like a horror story …

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Dave Karger's Oscar picks for Best Supporting Actress/Actor

Each day leading up to Sunday’s 83rd Academy Awards, we will share Dave Karger’s Oscar picks in a major category, as well as his prediction of how the votes will break down (based on previous awards won and conversations with insiders and Academy members). Today, we have his picks for Best Supporting Actor and Actress. Check back tomorrow for his predictions for Best Actor and Actress. READ FULL STORY

BAFTA winners: Who will repeat at the Oscars?

Last year, 12 of the 18 major BAFTA winners repeated with victories in their corresponding categories at the Oscars. (For instance, the BAFTAs presaged the Academy Award winners for best picture, director, supporting actor and actress, original screenplay, costume design, art direction, sound, visual effects, score, editing, and animated film.) So now that this year’s BAFTA winners have been announced, who will also score an Oscar win on Feb. 27? Let’s split the winners up into three categories: Will repeat, could repeat, and won’t repeat.

Best Picture, The King’s Speech After its sweep of the Directors Guild, Producers Guild, and Screen Actors Guild awards, an Oscar win is inevitable.
Best Actor, Colin Firth Duh.
Best Original Screenplay, The King’s Speech Christopher Nolan took the Writers Guild prize for Inception, but that’s only because Speech writer David Seidler wasn’t eligible.
Best Adapted Screenplay, The Social Network Aaron Sorkin is the surest winner from the critically-acclaimed Facebook drama.
Best Animated Film, Toy Story 3 No doubt about it.
Best Costume Design, Alice in Wonderland The biggest costumes usually win the Oscar too.
Best Sound, Inception It has the perfect combination of spectacle and prestige.
Best Visual Effects, Inception A complete no-brainer.

Best Director, David Fincher There’s a chance Tom Hooper will follow up his DGA trophy with an Oscar, but the more experienced Fincher should emerge victorious.
Best Actress, Natalie Portman I still think Annette Bening is within striking distance of an upset, but Portman certainly has the edge.
Best Supporting Actor, Geoffrey Rush My money’s still on Christian Bale, but if there’s a spoiler, Rush is it.
Best Score, The King’s Speech It’s a three-way race for the Oscar between Speech, Social Network, and Inception.
Best Cinematography, True Grit Barring a King’s Speech sweep, the Coen brothers’ longtime DP Roger Deakins should finally win his first Oscar.
Best Editing, The Social Network Again, unless King’s Speech runs the table, Network is the best bet.
Best Art Direction, Inception Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland crew has a great shot at edging out Inception and Speech here.

Best Supporting Actress, Helena Bonham Carter Melissa Leo isn’t the lock she once was, but if anyone can beat her, it’s Hailee Steinfeld or maybe Amy Adams.
Best Foreign Language Film, The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo No chance—it wasn’t nominated.
Best Makeup, Alice in Wonderland Ditto. I still don’t understand how this film didn’t even earn a nod.

Dave on Twitter: @davekarger

Oscar predictions: Did Melissa Leo torpedo her campaign?

Since my last round of predictions, two major Oscar-related events have taken place. The Writers Guild Awards were handed out to The Social Network and Inception, and Melissa Leo released her own (now controversial) campaign ads. Though Leo has been applauded by some for her chutzpah, I’ve talked to a few Academy members who now say they’re less likely to vote for her after the faux-fur-filled photos. I actually had True Grit‘s Hailee Steinfeld at the top of my supporting-actress rankings before the ads came out. At this point it could go either way. Here are my current predictions.

1. The King’s Speech (last week: 1)
2. The Social Network (last week: 2)
3. The Fighter (last week: 3)
4. True Grit (last week: 4)
5. Inception (last week: 5)
6. Toy Story 3 (last week: 7)
7. Black Swan (last week: 6)
8. 127 Hours (last week: 8 )
9. Winter’s Bone (last week: 10)
10. The Kids Are All Right (last week: 9)


Oscars: Who will win?

Now that the dust has settled from last week’s Academy Award nominations, let’s get down to the real business: Who’s going to win these bad boys? Here are my current rankings in the 8 major categories. You’ll notice I veer off from the conventional wisdom on Best Supporting Actress. True Grit did score a very impressive 10 nominations and I’m thinking its best shots at a win are for Hailee Steinfeld and possibly cinematographer Roger Deakins. And despite Tom Hooper’s DGA win, I still feel that the Academy might choose David Fincher. (It should go without saying that my No. 1 picks are my predicted winners at this point.)

1. The King’s Speech (last week: 1)
2. The Social Network (last week: 2)
3. The Fighter (last week: 3)
4. True Grit (last week: 6)
5. Inception (last week: 4)
6. Black Swan (last week: 5)
7. Toy Story 3 (last week: 7)
8. 127 Hours (last week: 10)
9. The Kids Are All Right (last week: 8 )
10. Winter’s Bone (last week: 11) READ FULL STORY

'The King's Speech' vs. 'The Social Network': Is the Oscar race over?

Social-Network-Kings-SpeechImage Credit: Merrick Morton; Laurie SparhamSince the beginning of the awards season, I’ve had The King’s Speech at the top of my predictions list to win the Oscar for Best Picture. But even I never thought it would sweep the three major guild awards: Directors Guild, Producers Guild, and Screen Actors Guild. Speech‘s pre-Oscar hat trick has certainly relegated the once-invincible Social Network to underdog status. But has it also rendered the last month of the Oscar season completely moot?

In the 16 years since the advent of the SAG best-cast prize, six movies have won all three guilds. Five of those six -- American Beauty, Chicago, The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King, No Country For Old Men, and Slumdog Millionaire — went on to take the Best Picture Oscar. There is, however, one movie that swept the guilds but failed to close the deal at the Oscars: Apollo 13. That Braveheart managed to top it on the big night wasn’t a complete shock, since Apollo filmmaker Ron Howard failed to score a Best Director nod from the Academy. But that one film has to be the lone glimmer of hope for everyone involved with Network. READ FULL STORY

Oscar predictions: Final pre-nomination rankings

So many conflicting signals in the past few days. The Social Network sweeps the Broadcast Film Critics and Golden Globe Awards, but then The King’s Speech trounces it at the BAFTA nominations, which, unlike the BFCA and Globes, are from a voting body that has significant overlap with the Academy. The upshot: My No. 1 Best Picture pick is hanging by a thread. Then, after winning the BFCA and Globe for supporting actress, Melissa Leo didn’t even manage to score a BAFTA nomination. How to make sense of it all? Here are my final rankings before next Tuesday’s Oscar nominations announcement. You’ll notice I now have True Grit‘s Hailee Steinfeld getting a Best Actress nod, and I also have added Another Year‘s Lesley Manville to my supporting-actress list as well as lead actress, though I fear she may miss out on both. For a quick look at how this year’s likely Oscar contenders have fared in other major awards to date, check out my Pre-Academy Awards Scorecard. READ FULL STORY

Oscar predictions: Post-DGA rankings

How did yesterday’s Directors Guild nominations affect the overall awards race? Here are my latest predictions in the six major categories. You can also check out EW’s handy graphs of all the major awards and nominations so far.

1. The King’s Speech (last week: 1)
2. The Social Network (last week: 2)
3. The Fighter (last week: 3)
4. Inception (last week: 5)
5. Black Swan (last week: 6)
6. True Grit (last week: 4)
7. Toy Story 3 (last week: 7)
8. The Kids Are All Right (last week: 8 )
9. The Town (last week: 9)
10. Winter’s Bone (last week: 10)
11. 127 Hours (last week: 11)
12. Another Year (last week: 12)
13. Shutter Island (last week: —)
14. Get Low (last week: 14)
15. The Ghost Writer (last week: 15) 

[falling off: Rabbit HoleREAD FULL STORY

'Social Network,' 'King's Speech' or 'Inception': What will score the most Oscar nods?

3-oscar-contendersImage Credit: Merrick Morton; Laurie Sparham; Melissa MoseleyThe guild award nominations are now coming fast and furious. But how will this year’s top awards candidates fare overall when the Oscar nominations are announced on Jan. 25? Last year no movie earned more than nine nominations; that’s because the top two contenders, The Hurt Locker and Avatar, only had one acting nod between them. But by my guesses, three films — The Social Network, The King’s Speech, and Inception — could feasibly score a nomination count in the double digits. Here’s how I see things shaking out:


Oscar predictions: Post-PGA rankings

Today’s Producers Guild and Writers Guild award nominations didn’t do much to shake up the overall Oscar race. But the fantastic box-office performance of True Grit has only boosted its chances…and led many voters to consider its heroine Hailee Steinfeld in the lead-actress category despite her supporting campaign. Because of that, Steinfeld now appears on both my Best Actress and Best Supporting Actress lists. And I do now have something of a gut feeling that Amy Adams could win the Best Supporting Actress trophy. Here’s where I think things stand right now.

1. The King’s Speech (last week: 1)
2. The Social Network (last week: 2)
3. The Fighter (last week: 3)
4. True Grit (last week: 5)
5. Inception (last week: 4)
6. Black Swan (last week: 7)
7. Toy Story 3 (last week: 6)
8. The Kids Are All Right (last week: 8 )
9. The Town (last week: 10)
10. Winter’s Bone (last week: 9)
11. 127 Hours (last week: 11)
12. Another Year (last week: 12)
13. Rabbit Hole (last week: 13)
14. Get Low (last week: 14)
15. The Ghost Writer (last week: 15)  READ FULL STORY

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