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'Captain America: The Winter Soldier': New concept art shows battle between friends turned foes -- EXCLUSIVE

The first time moviegoers met James “Bucky” Barnes he was saving puny Steve Rogers from a beat-down by a thug in an alley.

Now he’s the one throwing the punches at his old pal.

Each year, Marvel Studios teases one of its upcoming films by debuting some concept art a week before Comic-Con, so this time we’re treated to an artist’s rendering of an epic battle scene between the two title characters of Captain America: The Winter Soldier.


Marvel's Phase Two: 'Thor: The Dark World,' 'Cap 2: Winter Soldier,' 'Guardians of the Galaxy' and 'Avengers 2' -- EXCLUSIVE


Even heroes need a master plan.

When Marvel Studios began producing its own movies in 2008 with the original Iron Man, the film ended with Samuel L. Jackson’s S.H.I.E.L.D. spymaster Nick Fury telling Robert Downey Jr.: “Mr. Stark, you’ve become part of a bigger universe … “

That was the start of Phase One, in which The Incredible Hulk, Iron Man 2, Thor, and Captain America each linked up and laid the groundwork for what would become 2012’s biggest movie – the billion-and-a-half dollar blockbuster The Avengers.

With Iron Man 3 opening Friday, Marvel launches Phase Two – another ambitious expansion of its superheroes’ cinematic universe. Though much of it remains secret, producer and studio president Kevin Feige talked to EW to declassify a few new details.


Marvel's delayed 'Phase One' box set to now feature 'Phase Two' tease -- VIDEO


Get ready for Marvel’s Phase One, take two.

The comic book studio’s 10-disc, 6-movie box set of films, spanning from 2008’s Iron Man to last May’s The Avengers, was put on hold in September due to a lawsuit over its suitcase packaging but now the collectors package (featuring a different case, but the same glowing Tesseract cube) is heading back into stores.

The Blu-ray set will go back on pre-sale later today, for release on April 2, and EW has learned the exclusive details about some of its new components.

Marvel used the downtime to add a showcase of the studio’s upcoming Phase Two slate of movies to Marvel’s Cinematic Universe: Phase One.

And the set will also include deleted scenes from each of the past films, such as this variation on the ending to Thor, with a rooftop Natalie Portman sending out the most long-distance “I miss you” message in history.


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