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'Redemption': Jason Statham plays gay, romances a nun -- EXCLUSIVE CLIP


There’s something you won’t have picked up on in the trailer for Jason Statham’s new film Redemption, the directorial debut of Eastern Promises and Dirty Pretty Things screenwriter Steven Knight in theaters and available On Demand June 28. Statham’s character — a drunk, haunted, homeless ex-Special Forces soldier who cleans himself up to avenge the death of a young woman — realizes he’s literally stumbled into the temporarily vacant apartment of a gay photographer (framed male nudes on the walls tip him off) and poses as one of the man’s boyfriends when the neighbors bust him housesitting.

Our exclusive clip below, featuring one of those neighbors, hints at something that the trailer does, however, tease: Statham’s character develops feelings for a nun (Polish actress Agata Buzek), who helps him along the way.

You may feel guilty rooting for them to get together at first, but when her backstory is revealed, it could help. “They’re from two extremely different places, and yet they share something very dark and secretive, which brings them so close,” Statham tells EW. “At the end of the day, they know that it’s a fleeting moment, but there’s something quite romantic about it too. It’s like two ships that pass in the night. Steve Knight said to me, ‘It’s like you get on an Underground train, and you sit next to somebody, and you could tell them your deepest, darkest secret because you know you’ll never see them again. Whereas if you know you’re gonna see somebody, it’s hard to confide in them because they may judge you. A total stranger won’t ever judge you. They’ll be gone.'”

Check out the clip and trailer below:

Jason Statham on crying in his new movie, 'Redemption' (and probably not crying in 'Fast 7')

Jason Statham knows he’s taking a bit of a risk with Redemption, the directorial debut of Eastern Promises and Dirty Pretty Things screenwriter Steven Knight in theaters and available On Demand June 28.

He stars as an ex-Special Forces soldier, Joey Jones, who drowns his guilt over a traumatic tour in Afghanistan with alcohol as a homeless veteran in London. When the young woman he shares a box with goes missing, Joey finds a reason to rehabilitate himself — to find her killer and avenge her death.There is some ass-kicking along the way as Joey’s skills are exploited by his new employer, but there’s also man tears. Lots of them, in fact, in the scene when Joey finally reveals why he’s hit the bottle. “You don’t know if people want to see you that way,” Statham says, with a laugh. “‘You’re not supposed to cry, you’re supposed to beat people up.’ Well, you can have all of that: You can have me beatin’ people up, and you can have me showing a sensitive side. [Joey’s] not a weak man. He’s been hurt. Most guys, tough or not, hide emotions. I know a lot of tough guys, they’re just as weak as the next man, but they don’t show it. It’s just how much are you prepared to show? I think we’re all in tune with pain and how vulnerable we are when certain things get to us, and it’s just are you prepared to give that up? I’m not gonna be doing it in every movie,” he adds, laughing again. “It worked for that one.”

Spoiler alert: Odds are he won’t be crying in Fast & Furious 7, though Statham won’t say anything about the film other than he will be in it (presumably as the brother of Luke Evans’ now-dead Owen Shaw). “I’m sworn to secrecy. You know what they’re like. Universal will kill me if I say anything. They really will,” he insists. “People think I’m gonna play the bad guy. People think I’m gonna be the villain. People don’t really know what’s comin’, and I think there’s something exciting about that. People are just dying to know what extent and what involvement I’m going to have in the movie. I think all good things come to those who wait.” READ FULL STORY

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