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Adam Sandler sets record with 11 Razzie nominations

When Adam Sandler’s bad, he’s really bad, according to voters for the Razzies, an Academy Awards spoof that singles out the worst movies of the year. Sandler received a record 11 nominations Saturday for the Razzies as star, producer or writer on three 2011 movies — Jack and Jill, Just Go with It, and Bucky Larson: Born to Be a Star. That more than doubled the previous record of five Razzie nominations held by Eddie Murphy for 2007’s Norbit. Sandler’s nominations include worst actor for both Jack and Jill and Just Go with It — and worst actress for Jack and Jill, in which he plays a family man and his own twin sister. Sandler also had two nominations as worst screen couple opposite Jennifer Aniston or Brooklyn Decker in Just Go with It and opposite Katie Holmes, Al Pacino or himself in Jack and Jill. READ FULL STORY

'Game Change' director says his Sarah Palin isn't a caricature. Plus, a new poster.

Four years ago, not many Americans below the 49th parallel even knew who Sarah Palin of Alaska was. That all changed when John McCain named the self-proclaimed hockey mom his Republican running mate, and the media scavenged for any detail about her and her family. An immediate celebrity, she proved to be electrifying… and occasionally a deer in the headlights. Tina Fey infamously skewered her on Saturday Night Live, and Matt Damon, an Obama partisan, rolled his eyes and compared her emergence to “a really bad Disney movie.”

Well, Palin finally has her movie — even if she had no say in the matter. On March 10, Game Change, based on John Heilemann and Mark Halperin’s account of the historic 2008 presidential campaign, premieres on HBO, with Julianne Moore playing Palin, Ed Harris as John McCain, and Woody Harrelson as Steve Schmidt, the strategist who came to second-guess his initial brainstorm to potentially put Palin one heartbeat from the presidency. EW has the new Game Change poster (below) and director Jay Roach, who also helmed HBO’s Recount in 2008 but is most famous for working with the likes of Ben Stiller, Mike Myers, and Steve Carell, called up to talk politics. Turns out his next movie, Dog Fight, combines both his passions, with Will Ferrell squaring off against Zach Galifianakis for a U.S. congressional seat. The comedy wrapped production yesterday, freeing him to discuss his fascination with Palin, the political system that chose her, and the current crop of GOP candidates.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: You’re best known for directing comedies, like Austin Powers and Meet the Parents, but you’re becoming equally known for political movies, what with HBO’s Recount and now Game Change.
JAY ROACH: I’ve always been fascinated by the profession of political consulting and spin-doctoring and what kind of an impact the overall political strategists have on our political process. I first brought up the idea of doing this film during the actual campaign itself in 2008, right about the time we were out promoting Recount. I pitched it to HBO, that this incredible decision to put Sarah Palin is very controversial and wouldn’t you like to be in those rooms when that decision was being made? And then, [John Heilemann and Mark Halperin’s book] Game Change came out, a fantastic book that covered the very area that I was interested in. READ FULL STORY

Box office report: 'Dolphin Tale' jumps into first with $14.2 million; 'Lion King' now 10th highest-grossing film of all time

The Lion King finally gave up his box office throne, and now another animal reigns supreme!

After its solid $19.2 million debut last weekend, Warner Brothers’ 3D family film Dolphin Tale jumped into first place this time around, dipping just 27 percent to $14.2 million. The film, which earned an “A+” CinemaScore grade, is playing very well to families, and it should continue to enjoy small drops (which is a shame if you’re a pun-happy box office writer dying to use the word “dive!”) in the weeks to come. After ten days, Dolphin Tale, which cost $37 million to produce, has earned $37.5 million. READ FULL STORY

Toronto: Morgan Spurlock's Comic-Con documentary is a blast of geek love. Nick Broomfield's 'Sarah Palin -- You Betcha!' will only deepen your hate

When I heard that Morgan Spurlock had a documentary at Toronto called Comic-Con: Episode IV — A Fan’s Hope, I knew I wanted to go, and I thought I had a good idea of what I was in for: Spurlock, with his Gen X Michael Moore wisenheimer prankishness, showing up at Comic-Con to interview droolers in shiny white Star Wars stormtrooper armor with an affectionate camera- ready wink of “Can you believe this?” condescension. READ FULL STORY

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