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Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe team up for Shane Black's 'Nice Guys'

Shane Black, who made his reputation writing Lethal Weapon for producer Joel Silver and Warner Bros., has decided that he’s not too old for this shit.

After striking it big again as a director of last summer’s Iron Man 3, Black has re-partnered with Silver and Warner Bros. for a project he co-wrote with Anthony Bagarozzi titled The Nice Guys. And he’s landed some pretty nice guys to play the two L.A. detectives investigating the mysterious suicide of a 1970s porn star: Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe. READ FULL STORY

'Iron Man 3' director Shane Black to make 'Doc Savage' -- BREAKING

From Stark … to Savage.
Shane Black, who is hot off the massive success of Iron Man 3, will co-write and direct an adventure film based on the 1930s and ’40s pulp her Doc Savage, Sony Pictures has announced.
The studio said Black, whose previous films include Kiss Kiss Bang Bang and writing Lethal Weapon, is considering it as his next project.
But generations of genre fans might be forgiven for asking: Who is Doc Savage???

Shane Black and 'Iron Man 3': Who knew that the high-concept screenwriter of 'Lethal Weapon' would turn out to be a thrilling director?

If Iron Man 3 had been made by a young director who very few people had heard of, his name would now be on everyone’s lips in Hollywood, and not just because he delivered a big hit movie. They’d be talking about his eagerness and speed and raw talent, the dark flash of his visual style, the zigzag precision of his flair of violence, his way of making every performance count. They’d be talking about how this young director had infused a franchise blockbuster — a Part 3, no less, which usually means that a series, no matter how popular it is, is running low on creative octane — with the quality that so many comic-book movies have lacked: the feeling that what we’re seeing actually matters, that something is at stake beyond the global box-office grosses. READ FULL STORY

CapeTown Film Festival: Rare 'Iron Man 3' poster will go home with EW subscriber


This year is the golden anniversary of the gleaming hero called Iron Man and the past five of those 50 years have been a turbo-charged ride to the heights of American pop culture. Before Iron Man (2008) the armored avenger was a second-tier Marvel character with a clunky name. Now he’s the world’s favorite canned ham and the bright knight of the box office.

On Tuesday night, Entertainment Weekly and Disney’s Marvel Studios will mark the anniversary with a free and early screening of Iron Man 3 for 600 fans, all of them either local EW subscribers (who were contacted via email with a special RSVP link) or members of the American Cinematheque, the Los Angeles non-profits arts center with a focus on film arts, Hollywood heritage, and the creative community linking them.

The screening takes place during the first night of the inaugural Entertainment Weekly CapeTown Film Festival, the festival with quirky name and a densely packed week of sci-fi, fantasy, comics, video games, horror and animation — the same vivid districts covered by’s record-breaking new CapeTown sub-site.

One fan in the room will also get rare souvenir to take home. Marvel’s president Kevin Feige will bring along the limited edition poster shown above, which was made especially for cast and crew and is not available for purchase. It looks even better in hi-res. The Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew vibe is perfect for a movie that involves the knotty mystery of the location and intentions of a terrorist calling himself the Mandarin (played by Ben Kingsley). READ FULL STORY

'Iron Man 3': Tony Stark attempts a mid-air rescue -- VIDEO

Promos for Iron Man 3 tout the movie as a grimmer, bleaker tale of the billionaire playboy superhero, but the newest clip from the film shows there’s no need to worry that Tony Stark will be without some triumphant save-the-day moments and signature sarcastic quips.

In the new clip that Marvel released Monday, Tony Stark attempts a mid-air rescue of passengers and crew who have fallen out of a crash-bound Air Force One. Check it out below: READ FULL STORY

New global 'Iron Man 3' trailer: 'No politics here. Just good ol' fashioned revenge'

“I’m Tony Stark: I build neat stuff, I got a great girl, and — occasionally — save the world. So why can’t I sleep?”

So begins the newest trailer for Iron Man 3, continuing the film’s promotional march toward gloominess while also giving us longer looks at the franchise’s latest antagonists, Guy Pearce and a ponytailed Ben Kingsley.

In case the morose voiceover didn’t give it away, Iron Man 3 promises to include more explosions, more mayhem, and more frowns. The new trailer is also noticeably lacking in one-liners, while dramatically increasing the amount of time Gwyneth Paltrow spends struggling in a mean-looking metallic harness. Meanwhile, Kingsley is doing a spin on Ben-Kingsley-doing-a-spin-on-Tom-Hardy-as-Bane. There’s even a thing with an airplane exploding. Watch it below.


Robert Downey Jr. on 'Iron Man 2' flaws, China fizzle -- EXCLUSIVE interview (Part 4 of 5)


On the last day of postproduction work on Iron Man 2, I caught up with Jon Favreau over on the Fox lot. He was sick, haggard, weary, frustrated and emotionally singed. The movie was a grueling experience because the script was a work in progress (or perhaps a work in triage). Favreau told me he felt like El Cid that day, which has to be one the great quotes I’ve ever gotten from a filmmaker: “I feel like I’m finishing this one the way El Cid finished the war, strapped onto his horse by his men and sent into battle dead.”

Robert Downey Jr, who returns as the title star of Iron Man 3 this summer, says the experience of Iron Man 2 has echoed in the memory of Marvel Studios and he said this new installment won’t be making the same mistakes. This is Part 4 of our five-part interview with the movie star. Part 1 ran on Monday, Part 2 on Tuesday, and Part 3 on Wednesday. READ FULL STORY

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