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'Pacific Rim': Why don't they just shoot missiles at the kaiju?


(Warning: Mild spoilers ahead.) Listen, I liked Pacific Rim. All those robot-monster beatdowns are good, goofy summer fun. And I am aware that, if we can get all technical for a second, the movie would be classified as a work of “fiction,” since it’s mostly about giant humanoid robots fighting giant sea monsters. This is not The Fighter. I get it.

But here’s what I don’t get. Most of the kaiju (monster things) have some kind of long-range weapon capability. They spit lasers, or they shoot electromagnetic pulses from their backs, or whatever. And every Jaeger (robot thing) has a whole bat-belt worth of toys, like missiles and swords (seriously, swords?) and some kind of blue-glowing plasma hand-cannon that seems to do the trick of bringing down kaiju pretty well.  READ FULL STORY

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