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Best of 2014: How Tom Hardy took audiences for a ride in 'Locke'

Steven Knight had an idea. The writer/director, best known in the U.S. for scripting David Cronenberg’s Eastern Promises, wanted to tell a story in real time of a man driving home from work. There would be no high-speed chases or car-crashes. There would be no flashbacks to help explain his predicament and motivations. Instead, his one and only onscreen character would calmly engage in phone conversations with a multitude of people who were depending on him for something important: his wife, his kids, his boss, his friends. Through those increasingly tense chats, clues would trickle out, and the audience would begin to understand who he was and where he was going.

Knight recruited Tom Hardy to play his driver, an ordinary man named Ivan Locke. Their movie, Locke, is one of 2014’s overlooked gems. EW chatted with Knight to learn how he made an 85-minute car ride into one of the year’s most powerful cinematic experiences.

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'Eastern Promises' scribe Steven Knight to write 'World War Z' sequel

Screenwriter Steven Knight has been tapped to pen the script for the sequel to World War Z, sources confirm to EW.

The Oscar-nominated scribe (for 2002’s Dirty Pretty Things) will be working closely with director J.A. Bayona (The Impossible) in developing the screenplay, which finds Brad Pitt returning to reprise his role as United Nations worker and dad of the year Gerry Lane. Plot details for the zombie thriller are being kept under wraps, but it is expected to remain in the world of author Max Brooks’ original vision. Variety first reported the news.

Knight is also a director. His well-received thriller Locke, starring Tom Hardy, is currently in theaters.

Screenwriter Steven Knight: Government surveillance and the world of 'Closed Circuit'

Screenwriter Steven Knight’s (Eastern Promises, Dirty Pretty Things) new film Closed Circuit explores the issue of government surveillance. The film seems ripped from today’s headlines and below Knight delves into the way he approached the story and how his personal stance on surveillance tactics is examined in the film. Closed Circuit, starring Eric Bana, Rebecca Hall, and Julia Stiles is currently playing in theaters. Check out a gallery of exclusive stills from the new film above. 

I never set out to write a script that is ‘topical’. I write about what worries me and, hopefully, things worry me a little bit earlier than they do some other people, purely because I am a writer and it is my job to go out there and be worried by things.

I live in London and it’s a city with a lot of worries on its mind.

Dirty Pretty Things came about because I used to spend a lot of time in unlicensed mini cabs (more available than the licensed ones back then) and I spoke with a lot of drivers from all over the world (mostly Africa) who were doctors or lawyers etc and who were forced to make their living driving cabs. This was a time when London needed doctors… didn’t so much need cab drivers.

The stories the drivers told gave me an insight into a city that existed in parallel to the one I knew. It was precarious, dangerous, lawless. It worried me that I knew so little so I began to research. It was around this time that the whole issue of illegal migration became a hot topic and I suppose the movie rode a wave. (Eastern Promises came from the same period of research, since organised crime and desperate displaced people always have a habit of finding each other).

Closed Circuit came about as a result of a different worry.

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