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Sacha Baron Cohen developing 'The Lesbian' for Paramount


The Dictator, meet The Lesbian.

Wacky Renaissance man of mockery and comic satire Sacha Baron Cohen and his production company are developing a film tentatively titled The Lesbian for Paramount Pictures, a studio spokesperson confirmed to EW on Thursday.

The film is inspired by the true story of Hong Kong billionaire Cecil Chao’s $65 million offer to any guy who woos and marries his lesbian daughter, Gigi Chao, who eloped with her girlfriend to France. Baron Cohen, set to produce the film, loves a good political parody, having co-wrote and starred in 2006 satirical hit Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan, 2009’s Bruno, about a short shorts-wearing fashionista, and this year’s fictional The Dictator, making fun of despots such as Saddam Hussein.

The Lesbian “is conceived as a potential starring vehicle for Baron Cohen, who will produce through his Four By Two Films banner. A writer has not been attached,” said Paramount in a press release.

While Borat grossed a mega whopping $261 million globally at the box office, The Dictator has taken in less than that worldwide, at $177 million, according to box office tracker

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At ‘Dictator’ press conference, Sacha Baron Cohen stays in character — and checks out one journalist’s junk

Box office report: 'Men in Black 3' tops Memorial Day weekend with $70M; 'Moonrise Kingdom' huge in limited release

Will Smith returned to theaters for the first time since 2008’s Seven Pounds with this weekend’s Men in Black 3, which put the A-list celeb back on top of the box office. Sony’s $230 million (some reports suggest a much higher budget) alien-zapping sequel earned an estimated $70 million over the extended Memorial Day weekend.

Men in Black 3 will easily become Smith’s thirteenth film to earn over $100 million at the box office — a truly impressive feat — but its opening weekend actually leaves much to be desired. Over the three-day portion of the weekend, MIB 3 grossed $55 million, which was higher than the debuts of Men in Black ($51.1 million) and Men in Black II ($52.1 million). (Due to higher ticket prices, 3-D surcharges, and IMAX fees, though, it sold far fewer tickets than its predecessors.) The original Men in Black earned $250.7 million in 1997. Men in Black II scored $190.4 million in 2002. Adjusting for ticket-price inflation, those totals soar to $432.6 million and $259.6 million, respectively. In today’s frontloaded box office culture, Men in Black 3 won’t likely reach those heights. READ FULL STORY

Box office update: 'Men In Black 3' tops weekend with $55 million; 'Avengers' passes $500 million

Sony’s $230 million alien-zapping sequel Men In Black 3 topped the box office over the three-day weekend frame with an estimated $55 million.

Although the Will Smith action-comedy didn’t exactly trip out of the gate, Men In Black 3‘s start is troubling considering its gigantic budget and supposed built-in audience. Fortunately, as is so often the case these days, international results proved stronger. Sony says the film has taken in $132 million overseas in its initial week of release.

Marvel’s The Avengers held strong in second place with $37 million — a 34 percent drop from last weekend. The superhero ensemble crossed the $500 million mark on Saturday, its 23rd day of release, effectively smashing the record previously held by Avatar, which took 32 days to reach the same milestone. It’s earned $513.7 million total. READ FULL STORY

Box office update: 'Men in Black 3' earns $18 million on Friday; 'Avengers' holds strong

After 10 years away from the big screen, the alien-hunting Men In Black (Will Smith, Tommy Lee Jones, and now, Josh Brolin) are back on top of the box office.

Men In Black 3 ended The Avengers‘ 21-day reign in first place with an $18 million Friday, which puts the $230 million action-comedy on track for a four-day weekend take of $72 million. Sure, that number sounds strong, but don’t be deceived — the sequel cost an egregious amount of money and should have had a bigger built-in audience than this. READ FULL STORY

Sacha Baron Cohen drops out of 'Django Unchained'

Sacha Baron Cohen’s promotional responsibilities for The Dictator will keep him from appearing in Quentin Tarantino’s star-studded Western, Django Unchained. The actor, who uncharacteristically appeared as himself on the Howard Stern radio show yesterday, told the host that he had to drop out. “That was going to be a cameo, but actually, that was going to happen now,” he said. “I had to drop out because of this press tour.”

Listen to the exchange below (scan to 6:40 for the Django news): READ FULL STORY

At 'Dictator' press conference, Sacha Baron Cohen stays in character -- and checks out one journalist's junk

General Aladeen of the People’s Republic of Wadiya loves New York. On Saturday night, the despot stopped by SNL‘s Weekend Update to banter with Seth Meyers. This morning, he cheerfully threatened Matt Lauer’s family on the Today show. And just a few hours ago, the Supreme Leader, Chief Ophthalmologist, and excellent swimmer — he can even do the breaststroke! — stopped by Manhattan’s Waldorf Astoria for a press conference with reporters from around the world.

Aladeen, of course, is the latest alter ego of Sacha Baron Cohen, a comedian who promotes his movies with in-character stunt appearances. And though Baron Cohen’s performance at today’s press event didn’t break new ground — the jokes were familiar for anyone who’s watched footage from The Dictator or read about Aladeen’s appearance at CinemaCon — his enthusiasm for playing his new character shined through.

Baron Cohen arrived in the hotel’s Empire Room fashionably late, preceded by a crowd of “subjects” hoisting fawning signs (sample text: “Say No to Democracy”) and flanked by a quartet of hot, stony-faced women wearing itty-bitty military uniforms and berets. After ribbing a guy who had shouted “sit down!” at another reporter — “You want me to sit down? Who is the f–ing dictator?” — the actor launched into his well-oiled routine: “Welcome, devils of the Zionist media, and death to the West! Today, I wish to highlight the plight of a terribly endangered group, the innocent victims of a global human tragedy: dictators.”

Baron Cohen’s general went on to decry the treatment of his authoritarian comrades, noting that their only crimes are embezzling money, oppressing their people, and “doing a tiny little bit of genocide.” Then Baron Cohen mourned a few of the dictators who have fallen in recent years: “Saddam, Kim Jong-il, Gadaffi, and Oprah.”  READ FULL STORY

'The Dictator' video: Funny or not funny?

The first scene from Sacha Baron Cohen’s upcoming comedy The Dictator just hit the Internet, and although it doesn’t answer the central question — will it be the next Borat or the next Love Guru? — it has a couple of belly laughs, not to mention an appearance from a Daily Show alum. Check it out below: READ FULL STORY

CinemaCon 2012: Sacha Baron Cohen's 'The Dictator' claims Roger Ebert's thumbs & Jeffrey Katzenberg's lips

Flanked by two babelicious bodyguards and a cluster of soldiers toting fake (we hope) sub-machine guns, Sacha Baron Cohen’s character from The Dictator made his first public appearance Monday night since spilling ashes all over Ryan Seacrest at the Oscars in February.

The actor appeared as the blissfully horrible despot at the Paramount Pictures presentation at CinemaCon, the annual convention for theater owners. No ashes were spilled, but no punches were pulled either.

The Dictator, a.k.a. General Aladeen of the non-existent Middle Eastern Republic of Wadiya, joked about torturing Roger Ebert for the sake of a positive review, called DreamWorks Animation chief Jeffrey Katzenberg a fellow tyrant (and got a kiss on the hand for it), and suggested he would blow up the first three rows of the theater if exhibitors didn’t put his film on their screens.


See the new poster for Sacha Baron Cohen's comedy 'The Dictator' -- EXCLUSIVE

Over the past few months, Sacha Baron Cohen has been slowly pulling back the curtain on his latest character, the Gaddafi-esque despot Admiral General Aladeen, in the build-up to the May 16 release of his new comedy, The Dictator. First came a Super Bowl teaser. Then, taking a page from his Borat playbook, Baron Cohen staged a highly publicized prank on the Oscars red carpet, upending an urn purportedly filled with Kim Jong-Il’s ashes all over Ryan Seacrest’s nice, clean tuxedo. In March, Paramount released the full trailer, and we learned that the movie is a fish-out-of-water story in which Aladeen is stripped of his wealth and power (and prodigious beard) and set adrift in New York.

Now Paramount has released the new poster for the film, which shows a gargantuan portrait of Aladeen stretched across New York’s Central Park from end to end. The poster’s message is clear: Aladeen is a man with tremendous humility, class, and subtlety. Just ask Seacrest.

Check out the poster below and sound off in the comments:

‘The Dictator’ trailer: Sacha Baron Cohen, de-bearded and stranded in NYC!

Sacha Baron Cohen’s upcoming comedy The Dictator has kept the details of its plot relatively obscure until now, as the just-released second trailer duly shines light on what appears to be yet another fish out of water story by the writer and star of Bruno and Borat.

The Dictator stars the notorious prankster as General Aladeen, a maligned foreign despot who is kidnapped, shaved and abandoned in New York City during a visit to the United States. Beardless and unrecognizable, he wanders the streets until he is rescued and given a job at a green supermarket by a pixie-haired, eco-friendly Anna Faris. Watch the trailer below: READ FULL STORY

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