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Michael Shannon on 'The Iceman,' playing General Zod, and that Angry Sorority Girl email -- EXCLUSIVE VIDEO

No one plays imposing and unsettling quite like Michael Shannon. The looming 6’4″ actor, best known for his characters in Revolutionary Road — for which he was nominated for an Oscar — Take Shelter, and HBO’s Boardwalk Empire, commands attention in every scene he’s ever done, wielding a hollowed-out stare that can even shake audiences seated in the last row of the theater. There’s always a hint of menace behind those unblinking eyes, the potential for something wild and dangerous — even when his character’s intentions are pure.

In The Iceman, which opens in theaters on May 3, Shannon plays a man whose intentions are most definitely not pure. Richard Kuklinski was an infamous mob killer who admitted to more than 100 murders after he was finally captured in 1986. At home, in a leafy New Jersey suburb, he’s the loving husband to Winona Ryder’s willfully naive wife and doting father to their two daughters. But when he goes to work, he’s the grim reaper, dispatching victims with extreme prejudice.

In a way, playing a cold-blooded murderer is just a prelude for what’s next. In Man of Steel, the ginormous Superman reboot that flies into thousands of theaters on June 14, Shannon plays General Zod, the hero’s Krypton-born arch-enemy. It’s by far the biggest movie he’s ever appeared in, and millions of boys and girls will get their first glimpse of that powerful glare, pure, delightful kryptonite to their young moviegoing hearts.

Click below for an exclusive video from The Iceman, in which sweet, soft-spoken Richie has his first date with his future wife, and then read a interview with Shannon, as he discusses playing Zod, that hilarious Funny or Die soliloquy, and why he used to be terrified of Bill Murray. READ FULL STORY

'The Iceman' trailer: Michael Shannon cometh, and he's bringing the hits

The Iceman tells the story of a loving husband and devoted father — played by Oscar nominee Michael Shannon — who also happens to have a secret life as a brutal hit man. It’s based on the real life of Richard Kuklinski, a steely killing machine responsible for murdering over 100 people (including Jimmy Hoffa, or so he claimed).

Accordingly, The Iceman looks less stylized and a lot more dark than other movies with similar premises. It’s also stuffed with marquee names, including Winona Ryder as Kuklinski’s oblivious wife and an unrecognizable Chris Evans as a fellow contract killer nicknamed Mr. Freezy. (Apparently, he drives an ice cream truck.) Watch the pitch-black trailer — which includes a special, icky treat for any and all James Franco haters:


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