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Box office report: 'Hunger Games' wins with $21.5M, passes $500M worldwide; 'Three Stooges' and 'Cabin in the Woods' debut decently

For the fourth weekend in a row, The Hunger Games easily led the domestic box office, holding off three new wide releases from the top spot.

Lionsgate’s $90 million blockbuster adaptation earned $21.5 million over the Friday-to-Sunday period, marking a slim 32 percent drop from last weekend. All told, The Hunger Games has earned $337.1 million after 24 days and seems headed for a final domestic total of about $375 million. The only other 2012 releases likely to reach those sorts of numbers are franchise films The Avengers, The Dark Knight Rises, and The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. READ FULL STORY

Box office update: 'The Hunger Games' tops Friday with $6.5 million, 'Stooges' beat 'Cabin' for second

Katniss and her fellow tributes aren’t ready to give up the box office throne just yet!

The Hunger Games hasn’t left first place since its March 23 debut, and judging by Friday’s box office numbers, the thriller will enjoy a fourth frame atop the chart, too. Games took in an estimated $6.5 million yesterday, putting it on pace for about $20 million this weekend. READ FULL STORY

Catholic League pokes 'Three Stooges' for nun-sense

The Catholic League’s Bill Donohue does not like being treated like a stooge. In fact, he’s offended — OFFENDED! — by the Farrelly brothers’ new Three Stooges movie, which depicts nuns in various unflattering ways. For instance, there’s Sister Bernice, played by swimsuit model Kate Upton, who wears a revealing nun bikini. And there’s Sister Mary-Mengele, portrayed by Larry David, who… well, she’s portrayed by Larry David.

“In the 1950s, Hollywood generally avoided crude fare and was respectful of religion. Today it specializes in crudity and trashes Christianity, especially Catholicism. Enter the The Three Stooges. This movie is not just another remake: it is a cultural marker of sociological significance, and what it says about the way we’ve changed is not encouraging,” wrote Donohue. “…the TV show never mocked nuns or showed infants urinating in the face of the Stooges. The film does.” READ FULL STORY

New 'Three Stooges' trailer goes viral... literally -- VIDEO

The new Three Stooges trailer is no laughing matter. According to the (faux) PSA, three in six billion people suffer from being a Stooge. Luckily, there’s a pill for that: Stoogesta. No word yet on whether this terrible affliction (symptoms include cross-dressing, impaired vision, and general freak-outs) is contagious. Just in case, you can educate yourself after the jump. READ FULL STORY

New 'Three Stooges' trailer: What a bunch of boobs

How does one go about re-introducing The Three Stooges to a new generation? If you’re Peter and Bobby Farrelly, the proudly immature siblings behind Stooge-influenced films like Dumb & Dumber, you take everything good and pure about the Brothers Stupidoff’s schtick and mix in the occasional Sofia Vergara cleavage shot. Truth: That’s not the worst strategy in the world — for any reboot. Take a look at the latest trailer, which celebrates the Stooges’ greatest hits and gags. READ FULL STORY

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