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'Dark Skies' really, really wants to scare you (with secrets!) -- VIDEO

On Feb. 22, The Weinstein Co. will release Dark Skies, starring Keri Russell and Josh Hamilton as a suburban couple whose lives get really, really difficult. That’s a large part of all we know about the film, whose secrecy has been turned into a shell game.

Enter two new sources of information: the film’s trailer and the website, which is part of an interactive marketing push to scare and intrigue audiences without quite telling them what to be scared, or intrigued, by.


'After Earth' viral teaser sets up the world of Will and Jaden Smith's sci-fi adventure -- VIDEO

Hollywood’s new favorite way to market a high concept studio sci-fi film is the quasi-viral soft sell. Sometimes they’re fake advertisements for fictional companies (like for RoboCop and Elysium); other times, they come in the form of an endorsement by a third-party brand to give the viral clip more legitimacy (like the Prometheus TED talk). But the underlying goal is the same: Edutain audiences about the world of the film without ever expressly stating This Is An Ad For a Potential Blockbuster.

The latest iteration is the first teaser for the M. Night Shyamalan-helmed Will and Jaden Smith sci-fi adventure After Earth, out June 2013, about a father and son who crash land on Earth 1,000 years after humanity evacuated the increasingly inhospitable planet. Instead of any shots of its two stars, however, the video traces how the crash landing of an extra-terrestrial space craft helped boost human technology, and ultimately led to the inevitable disintegration of the planet. It also introduces the Raige family, the pioneers of this technology and the descendants of Will and Jaden Smith’s respective characters. Interestingly, the entire timeline is presented as part of, well, a Facebook timeline — though the actual Facebook page for the film has barely developed.

Check it out below:  READ FULL STORY

'RoboCop' reboot teaser shows off updated vision of mechanized crime-fighting -- VIDEO

The original 1987 RoboCop hit theaters at a time when U.S. crime rates were rising, Cold War spending pushed military budgets ever higher, and Hollywood readily embraced bloody, hard-R violence. It was, in other words, the perfect time for a sneakily smart satire of the corporatization of the military-industrial complex dressed up as a glibly brutal sci-fi thriller, about a Detroit cop whose nearly fatal accident leads him to be transformed into a mechanized crime fighter.

Twenty-five years later, with crime rates way down, the Cold War long over, and Hollywood pretty well abandoning hard-R violence in favor of the bloodless (and more lucrative) PG-13, it may not seem like the most apt time for the upcoming RoboCop reboot.


'Prometheus' end credits reveal yet another viral video, and allusions to Nietzsche -- VIDEO

If you left Prometheus thinking, “Well, that was certainly intense, but what it was missing was more baffling philosophical exploration into Freidrich Nietzsche’s concept of the Übermensch,” you’re in luck! (Note: SPOILERS follow.)

Eagle-eyed and endlessly patient moviegoers noticed that at the very end of the end credits for Prometheus, a logo for the fictional Weyland Corporation rolled onto the screen, with the tagline “Building Better Worlds Since 10. 11. 12″ and an address for the “corporate timeline” for Weyland Industries. That timeline does indeed note that the company was founded on October 11, 2012, but it’s been available online for a while now. It turns out this end credits bumper was really pointing to a brand new easter egg: READ FULL STORY

'The Amazing Spider-Man' viral campaign leads to new peek at the Lizard -- VIDEO

It’s practically de rigueur now for giant studio tent-poll pictures: The quasi-grassroots “viral” campaign that engages hardcore fans on either a virtual or actual scavenger hunt that ultimately results in the release of a highly conventional piece of marketing (i.e. a trailer, poster,  featurette, etc.). This weekend it was The Amazing Spider-Man‘s turn to cook up some social media buzz for itself, via the Twitter account @scaleseeker that sent fans on the trail of The Lizard, a.k.a. Dr. Curt Connors (Rhys Ifans), a.k.a. the Big Bad of Sony Pictures’ reboot of the Spidey franchise. Let’s see what they were up to, and what they found!  READ FULL STORY

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